Nanotec unveils new compact wheel drive for mobile robots

Nanotec, a leading manufacturer of motor and motion control solutions, has announced the launch of a new compact wheel drive for mobile robots. The WD42 wheel drive is a space-saving unit that integrates a wheel, gearbox, brushless DC motor and encoder in a single device. The WD42 wheel drive is designed to enhance the precision and agility of service robots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in various applications.

The WD42 wheel drive is a product of Nanotec’s expertise in developing wheel drives for robotics. Wheel drives are essential components of mobile robots, as they enable them to move with accuracy and flexibility in different environments. Wheel drives can also affect the load capacity, maneuverability and stability of the robots.

Nanotec offers two types of wheel drives: modular wheel drives that combine wheel, gearbox and bearing in a compact unit, and integrated wheel drives that also include a brushless DC motor and encoder. The WD42 wheel drive belongs to the latter category, which reduces the number of moving parts and connections, and simplifies the integration into the robot platform.

Nanotec unveils new compact wheel drive for mobile robots
Nanotec unveils new compact wheel drive for mobile robots

What are the features and benefits of the WD42 wheel drive?

The WD42 wheel drive has several features and benefits that make it a suitable choice for service robots and AGVs. Some of them are:

  • Space-saving design: The WD42 wheel drive has an overall length of just 103 mm, which makes it ideal for applications where space is limited. The wheel drive can be mounted directly on the robot chassis, without the need for additional brackets or couplings.
  • Wide range of wheel diameters: The WD42 wheel drive can accommodate wheel diameters from 75 to 140 mm, which allows it to adapt to different terrains and payloads. The wheels can be easily changed for maintenance purposes.
  • High performance: The WD42 wheel drive has a rated motor power of 183 W, a rated speed of up to 2.2 m/s, and a rated output torque of up to 10.63 Nm. The wheel drive also features four reduction ratios: 12, 15, 21 and 26, which can be selected according to the desired speed and torque characteristics.
  • Precise control: The WD42 wheel drive includes an encoder that provides feedback on the position and speed of the wheel. The encoder signal can be incremental or absolute, depending on the customer’s preference. The encoder enables precise and smooth motion control of the robot, as well as accurate navigation and positioning.

How can the WD42 wheel drive be used in different applications?

The WD42 wheel drive can be used in a variety of applications that require mobile robots, such as:

  • Intralogistics: The WD42 wheel drive can power AGVs that transport goods and materials in warehouses, factories, airports and other facilities. The wheel drive can handle different load capacities, navigate complex routes, and operate in narrow spaces.
  • Service robotics: The WD42 wheel drive can enable service robots that perform tasks in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices and homes. The wheel drive can provide mobility, flexibility and reliability to the robots, as well as enhance their interaction with humans and the environment.
  • Industrial automation: The WD42 wheel drive can support industrial robots that perform manufacturing, assembly, inspection and maintenance operations. The wheel drive can offer speed, precision and durability to the robots, as well as integrate with other automation components.

Nanotec is a global leader in motor and motion control solutions, with more than 25 years of experience and innovation. Nanotec offers a wide range of products, including stepper motors, BLDC motors, linear actuators, controllers, gearboxes and accessories. Nanotec also provides customized solutions for specific customer needs. Nanotec’s products are used in various industries, such as medical, robotics, automation, laboratory and measurement.

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