Modern Warfare 3 players demand removal of “disgusting” aiming feature

Modern Warfare 3 is the latest installment in the popular Call of Duty franchise, but not all players are happy with the game. One of the most controversial features is the random aiming mechanic, which causes the player’s crosshair to sway unpredictably. Many players have expressed their frustration and disgust with this feature, and are urging the developers, Sledgehammer Games, to remove it from the game.

The random aiming feature is intended to add realism and challenge to the game, but many players find it annoying and unfair. The feature affects all weapons in the game, and makes it harder to aim accurately at enemies. Some players have compared it to having a drunk or shaky hand, and have called it “disgusting”, “ridiculous”, and “horrible”.

One player shared a clip on Reddit, showing how the random aiming feature ruined his shot at an enemy sniper. The player had a clear line of sight and was about to pull the trigger, when his crosshair suddenly moved to the left, causing him to miss his target. The player wrote: “Please remove this disgusting feature. It’s not realistic, it’s not fun, it’s not fair.”

Modern Warfare 3 players demand removal of “disgusting” aiming feature
Modern Warfare 3 players demand removal of “disgusting” aiming feature

The clip received over 2,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments, with many players agreeing with the OP and sharing their own experiences with the random aiming feature. Some players said that the feature made them feel sick or dizzy, and that it ruined their enjoyment of the game. Others said that the feature gave an unfair advantage to players who used aim assist or mouse and keyboard, and that it made the game unplayable for console players.

Sledgehammer Games responds to player feedback

Sledgehammer Games, the developers of Modern Warfare 3, have been listening to the player feedback and have addressed some of the issues raised by the community. In a recent blog post, the developers said that they were aware of the complaints about the random aiming feature, and that they were working on a solution.

The developers explained that the random aiming feature was designed to simulate the effects of recoil, wind, and other factors that affect real-life shooting. They said that the feature was meant to add variety and challenge to the game, and to encourage players to use different weapons and tactics. They also said that the feature was balanced and tested extensively, and that it did not affect the overall accuracy or performance of the weapons.

However, the developers also acknowledged that some players did not like the feature, and that they respected their opinions and preferences. They said that they were working on an option to disable the random aiming feature, and that they would release it in a future update. They also said that they would continue to monitor the feedback and make adjustments as needed.

Other issues and improvements in Modern Warfare 3

The random aiming feature is not the only issue that players have encountered in Modern Warfare 3. Some players have reported bugs, glitches, crashes, and performance issues in the game. Some players have also criticized the game’s graphics, sound, and user interface, and have compared them unfavorably to previous Call of Duty games.

Sledgehammer Games have been working hard to fix and improve the game, and have released several patches and updates since the game’s launch on November 10, 2023. Some of the changes and additions that the developers have made include:

  • Fixing various bugs and crashes
  • Improving the stability and performance of the game
  • Adding new maps, modes, weapons, and skins
  • Tweaking the balance and tuning of the weapons and perks
  • Adding new features and options, such as crossplay, FOV slider, and weapon inspection
  • Improving the graphics, sound, and user interface of the game
  • Adding new content and events, such as the Season 1 Battle Pass, the Zombies mode, and the Winter Wonderland event

The developers have also thanked the players for their support and feedback, and have promised to keep working on the game and delivering the best possible experience for the fans.

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