MrBeast challenges Pokemon developers to innovate their franchise after Palworld’s launch

The popular YouTuber and philanthropist MrBeast has expressed his opinion on the Pokemon franchise, saying that it needs to “reinvent” itself and “take more risks” after the release of Palworld, a controversial game that mixes Pokemon-like creatures with survival and gunplay elements.

Palworld is a multiplayer open-world game developed by Pocketpair, a Japanese indie studio. The game was announced in June 2021 with a trailer that showed various ways of interacting with the cute and colorful creatures called Pals, such as farming, crafting, building, riding, and fighting with them.

However, the trailer also revealed some darker aspects of the game, such as poaching, enslaving, exploiting, and even using Pals as human shields or weapons. The trailer sparked mixed reactions from the gaming community, with some praising its originality and creativity, and others criticizing its violence and ethical issues.

MrBeast challenges Pokemon developers to innovate their franchise after Palworld’s launch
MrBeast challenges Pokemon developers to innovate their franchise after Palworld’s launch

Palworld was released on January 19, 2024, as an early access game on Steam. The game has received mostly positive reviews from the players, who enjoy its sandbox gameplay and diverse features. However, the game also has some technical problems and bugs, and the developers have assured the fans that they are working hard to fix them and improve the game.

What did MrBeast say about Pokemon and Palworld?

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is one of the most famous and influential YouTubers in the world, with over 100 million subscribers across his channels. He is known for his generous donations, extravagant challenges, and viral stunts.

On January 23, 2024, MrBeast posted a tweet that read: “Pokemon needs to reinvent itself. Palworld is proof that there is so much potential in the genre. Pokemon should take more risks and try new things. Who agrees?”

The tweet quickly gained a lot of attention, with over 500,000 likes and 50,000 retweets. Many of his fans agreed with him, saying that Pokemon has become stale and repetitive, and that Palworld offers a fresh and exciting alternative. Some of them even suggested that MrBeast should collaborate with Palworld’s developers and make his own game.

However, not everyone shared his opinion. Some Pokemon fans defended their favorite franchise, saying that Pokemon has its own charm and identity, and that Palworld is too different and violent to be compared with it. Some of them also pointed out that Pokemon has experimented with different genres and styles in the past, such as spin-offs, remakes, and mobile games.

How did Pokemon and Palworld’s developers respond?

Neither Pokemon nor Palworld’s developers have officially responded to MrBeast’s tweet. However, some sources claim that they are aware of his comments and the public debate they have sparked.

Pokemon, which is owned by Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and Game Freak, is one of the most successful and beloved media franchises in the world, with over 30 years of history and millions of fans. The franchise consists of video games, anime, movies, cards, toys, and merchandise.

The latest main series games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, were released in November 2023, as remakes of the original Diamond and Pearl games from 2006. The games received mixed reviews, with some praising their nostalgia and faithfulness, and others criticizing their lack of innovation and polish.

The next main series games, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, are scheduled to be released in February 2024, as a prequel to the Diamond and Pearl games. The games are set in a feudal era of the Sinnoh region, and feature an open-world environment and a new combat system. The games are expected to be a major departure from the traditional Pokemon formula, and have generated a lot of hype and curiosity among the fans.

Palworld’s developers, Pocketpair, are a small and independent team of six people, who have previously made games such as Craftopia and Nigate Tale. They have stated that they are fans of Pokemon, and that they were inspired by it to create Palworld. However, they have also emphasized that Palworld is not a clone or a parody of Pokemon, but a unique and original game with its own vision and style.

They have also addressed some of the controversies and criticisms that their game has faced, saying that they are not trying to promote or condone any violence or cruelty towards animals, but rather to offer a realistic and immersive experience that reflects the complexity and diversity of the world. They have also said that they respect the opinions and feedback of the players, and that they are open to suggestions and improvements.

What do you think?

MrBeast’s tweet has sparked a lively and heated discussion among the gaming community, with many different opinions and perspectives. What do you think about his statement? Do you agree or disagree with him? Do you prefer Pokemon or Palworld? Let us know in the comments below!

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