Martin Clunes adopts a retired guide dog in a heartwarming documentary

Martin Clunes is known for his love of animals, especially dogs. He has four of his own, and he is also a patron of the charity Guide Dogs. In this one-off documentary, he follows the journey of Laura, a guide dog who is about to retire after eight years of service to her owner Janet, who is blind. Clunes decides to adopt Laura and give her a new home in his farm in Dorset. He also helps Janet find a new guide dog to replace Laura.

Clunes meets Laura and Janet in their home in Birmingham, where he learns about their bond and how Laura has helped Janet live independently. He also joins them for a walk in the park, where he sees how Laura guides Janet through obstacles and traffic. Clunes is impressed by Laura’s skills and personality, and he feels an instant connection with her.

Martin Clunes adopts a retired guide dog in a heartwarming documentary
Martin Clunes adopts a retired guide dog in a heartwarming documentary

He also visits the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre, where he meets some of the puppies who are being trained to become guide dogs. He learns about the rigorous process of selecting and matching the dogs with their owners, and he witnesses some of the tests and challenges that the dogs have to pass. He also meets some of the volunteers who foster the puppies until they are ready for training.

Clunes faces some challenges as he prepares to welcome Laura into his family

Clunes is excited to adopt Laura, but he also faces some challenges as he prepares to welcome her into his family. He has to make sure that his other dogs will get along with her, and that she will adapt to her new environment. He also has to learn how to care for a retired guide dog, who may have different needs and habits than a pet dog.

He consults with a vet and a guide dog instructor, who give him some advice on how to make Laura comfortable and happy in her retirement. He also visits a dog groomer, who gives Laura a makeover and removes her harness, which symbolizes her retirement. Clunes is amazed by how different Laura looks after her grooming session, and he hopes that she will enjoy her new life as a pet.

He also has to say goodbye to Janet, who is grateful for Clunes’ generosity but also sad to lose her companion. Clunes assures her that he will keep in touch with her and send her updates on Laura’s well-being. He also promises to help her find a new guide dog, who will be as loyal and loving as Laura.

Clunes helps Janet find a new guide dog and reunites with Laura

Clunes keeps his promise and helps Janet find a new guide dog. He joins her for an assessment day at the Guide Dogs Training School, where she meets three potential candidates: Alfie, Bailey, and Charlie. She has to walk with each of them and see how they respond to her commands and cues. She also has to choose one of them based on their personality and compatibility.

Clunes observes Janet’s interactions with the dogs and gives her his opinion on each of them. He also shares his own experience of adopting a guide dog and how it changed his life. He tells her that he understands how hard it is to let go of Laura, but he also encourages her to embrace the opportunity of having a new partner.

Janet makes her decision and picks one of the dogs as her new guide dog. She thanks Clunes for his support and friendship, and she looks forward to starting a new chapter in her life with her new companion.

Clunes then reunites with Laura at his farm, where he introduces her to his other dogs and shows her around. He is delighted to see that Laura is happy and relaxed in her new home, and that she has bonded with his family. He also tells her that Janet has found a new guide dog, and that they are both doing well.

He concludes by saying that he is proud to be part of the Guide Dogs family, and that he hopes that his documentary will raise awareness and appreciation for the amazing work that guide dogs do for their owners.

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