Marelli Unveils Eco-Friendly and Affordable Automotive Lighting Solutions at CES 2024

Marelli, a leading mobility technology supplier, showcased its innovative LeanLight and LeanDisplay platforms at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas. The new products aim to offer high-performance and sustainable lighting solutions for the automotive sector, with significant reductions in weight, components, and CO2 emissions.

Marelli’s LeanLight platform consists of headlight and rear light concepts that are designed to be more efficient and eco-friendly than traditional lamps. According to Marelli, the LeanLight products feature up to 20% fewer components, a 20% reduction in weight, and a 6 kg reduction in CO2 emissions per vehicle. These benefits are achieved by using a new injection molding process, a novel surface treatment solution, and a modular design that allows for customization and localization.

The LeanLight platform targets entry-level vehicles, brands, and trim levels, as well as budget-oriented consumers and fleet buyers. Marelli claims that the LeanLight products offer comparable performance and quality to conventional lamps, while also reducing costs and environmental impact.

Marelli Unveils Eco-Friendly and Affordable Automotive Lighting Solutions at CES 2024
Marelli Unveils Eco-Friendly and Affordable Automotive Lighting Solutions at CES 2024

LeanDisplay: A Brighter and Cheaper Way to Enhance Vehicle Interiors

Marelli also launched its LeanDisplay portfolio at CES 2024, which offers advanced local dimming technology for vehicle interiors. The LeanDisplay products are based on a combination of LEDs and proprietary lenses, which enable a high level of brightness and contrast, as well as dynamic and customizable effects. The LeanDisplay products are also more affordable and sustainable than existing solutions, as they feature a 40% weight reduction, a 60% reduction in components, and an optimized supply chain.

The LeanDisplay portfolio includes various applications, such as instrument clusters, infotainment systems, ambient lighting, and intelligent social displays. The latter are interactive screens that can display personalized messages, animations, and emojis, enhancing the communication and entertainment experience for drivers and passengers.

Red Laser & Optical Fiber Rear Lamp: A CES 2024 Innovation Award Winner

In addition to the LeanLight and LeanDisplay platforms, Marelli also presented its Red Laser & Optical Fiber Rear Lamp, which won a CES 2024 Innovation Award. The product is the first of its kind to use red laser technology paired with rear lighting functionality, creating a unique and stylish brand signature. The product features a very thin illuminated line, achieved by coupling a red laser diode with optical sidelight fibers within the lamp. The product was developed for a German luxury vehicle manufacturer, who wanted a distinctive and elegant night-time appearance for its vehicles.

Marelli is a global leader in mobility technology, with a presence in 24 countries and over 60,000 employees. The company provides innovative and integrated solutions for the automotive industry, covering various domains such as lighting, electronics, powertrain, suspension, and exhaust systems. Marelli’s vision is to co-create the future of mobility with its customers and partners, by leveraging its expertise, creativity, and sustainability.

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