Lazer Z1 KinetiCore: The Ultimate Road Helmet for Performance and Safety

Lazer, the Belgian helmet manufacturer, has launched its new flagship road helmet, the Z1 KinetiCore, which combines ultralight weight, aerodynamics, ventilation, and rotational impact protection. The Z1 KinetiCore is the result of years of research and development, and it aims to set a new standard for road and gravel bike helmets.

KinetiCore is Lazer’s proprietary technology that integrates rotational impact protection into the helmet shell, without adding extra weight or bulk. KinetiCore consists of a waffle-like grid in the foam, which creates crumple zones that can absorb and dissipate impact forces from various angles. Lazer claims that KinetiCore mimics the natural protection of the human skull and brain, and reduces the risk of concussion and brain injury.

KinetiCore also has the advantage of allowing more airflow through the helmet, as there is no need for an additional liner or insert. Lazer says that the Z1 KinetiCore has 3% more ventilation cooling than wearing no helmet at all, thanks to its 31 vents and internal channels. The Z1 KinetiCore is also compatible with Lazer’s optional AeroShell cover, which can improve aerodynamics and weather protection.

Lazer Z1 KinetiCore: The Ultimate Road Helmet for Performance and Safety
Lazer Z1 KinetiCore: The Ultimate Road Helmet for Performance and Safety

How light is the Z1 KinetiCore?

The Z1 KinetiCore is the lightest helmet that Lazer has ever produced, with a claimed weight of just 220g in size medium. That makes it lighter than many other premium road helmets on the market, and even lighter than Lazer’s previous flagship model, the Z1. The Z1 KinetiCore achieves this impressive weight reduction by using a lighter and stronger polycarbonate shell, and by eliminating unnecessary components such as plastic dividers and buckles.

The Z1 KinetiCore also features Lazer’s Advanced Rollsys retention system, which is operated by a rotary dial on top of the helmet. The Rollsys system allows for easy and precise fit adjustment, and distributes the pressure evenly around the head, avoiding hotspots and discomfort. The Rollsys system is also ponytail-friendly and height-adjustable, and it can accommodate Lazer’s Universal LED taillight, which snaps into the back of the helmet.

How does the Z1 KinetiCore perform?

The Z1 KinetiCore is not only light and safe, but also fast and comfortable. Lazer says that the Z1 KinetiCore is 2.3% more aerodynamic than the Bullet 2.0, which was their previous aero road helmet. The Z1 KinetiCore achieves this by having a smooth and compact shape, and by using a dimpled surface on the front and sides of the helmet, which reduces drag and improves airflow.

The Z1 KinetiCore is also designed to be comfortable and versatile, as it can adapt to different riding conditions and preferences. The Z1 KinetiCore has integrated eyewear docks, which can securely hold sunglasses when not in use. The Z1 KinetiCore also has recycled and antimicrobial straps, which are soft and durable, and help to reduce environmental impact and odors. The Z1 KinetiCore is available in six colors (White, Matte Black, Cosmic Blue, Harbor Grey, Metallic Red, Flash Orange) and three sizes (S/M/L), and it has a 5-Star rating from Virginia Tech’s Helmet Lab, which tests and evaluates helmet safety.

Why choose the Z1 KinetiCore?

The Z1 KinetiCore is the ultimate road helmet for performance and safety, as it offers a combination of features and benefits that are hard to find in other helmets. The Z1 KinetiCore is ultralight, aerodynamic, ventilated, and protective, and it has a sleek and stylish design. The Z1 KinetiCore is also easy to adjust and customize, and it has a reasonable price of $279, considering its quality and innovation. The Z1 KinetiCore is the perfect choice for road and gravel cyclists who want the best of both worlds: speed and security.

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