LA Knight suffers a cut on his forehead during SmackDown match

LA Knight, one of the rising stars of WWE, had a rough night on SmackDown this week. The Megastar faced Austin Theory in a number one contender’s match for the United States Championship, but ended up losing the match and getting injured in the process.

How did LA Knight get busted open on SmackDown?

The injury occurred when Austin Theory sent LA Knight head-first into the second turnbuckle during their match. The impact left Knight with a cut on his forehead that started bleeding profusely. The referee checked on Knight and allowed the match to continue, but the blood was clearly visible on his face and chest.

LA Knight suffers a cut on his forehead during SmackDown match
LA Knight suffers a cut on his forehead during SmackDown match

Knight tried to fight back and hit Theory with a DDT, but the interference of The Miz cost him the match. The Miz, who has been feuding with Knight for weeks, distracted him from the outside and allowed Theory to roll him up for the pin. Theory celebrated his victory and earned a rematch with Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship.

What is the status of LA Knight’s injury?

Thankfully, LA Knight did not suffer any serious injury or concussion from the incident. He was treated by the medical staff backstage and received stitches to close the wound. He posted a video on his Twitter account, showing off his scar and thanking the fans for their support.

He also sent a message to The Miz, warning him that he will pay for costing him his opportunity at the title. He said that he will strap the rocket to himself and prove that he is the best in WWE. He also challenged The Miz to face him at Survivor Series: War Games, the next premium live event of WWE.

Why are LA Knight and The Miz feuding?

The feud between LA Knight and The Miz started a few weeks ago on RAW, when The Miz blamed Knight for stealing his moment in the sun. The Miz claimed that he was supposed to be the star of SmackDown after being drafted from RAW, but Knight overshadowed him with his charisma and popularity.

The two engaged in an intense promo battle that didn’t end well for The Miz, as Knight mocked him for being a reality TV star and a coward. The Miz then attacked Knight from behind and hit him with a Skull Crushing Finale. Since then, The Miz has been interfering in Knight’s matches and trying to ruin his chances of becoming a champion.

What are the fans’ reactions to LA Knight’s rise to stardom?

LA Knight’s rise to stardom within WWE has become one of the biggest pro wrestling stories of 2023. While Knight (formerly Eli Drake) has been a presence in the industry for years, fans started rallying behind him earlier this year after his infamous program with Bray Wyatt wrapped up at the Royal Rumble.

It got to the point where he generated one of the loudest reactions inside Detroit’s Ford Field Stadium this past weekend when he won the 25-man Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal. He then stood his ground in a promo battle with The Miz on this week’s Monday Night Raw.

Fans have been praising Knight for his mic skills, his charisma, his in-ring ability, and his connection to the audience. They have also been comparing him to some of the legends of WWE, such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena. Many fans believe that Knight has what it takes to become the next face of WWE and carry the company into the future.

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