How Israel Can Win US Support for Rafah Invasion by Using Innovation to Save Civilians

Israel is planning to launch a military operation in Rafah, the last major city in Gaza that is not under its control, as part of its ongoing war against Hamas. However, such a move could face strong opposition from the US, which has urged Israel to avoid civilian casualties and to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict. Israel can overcome this challenge by using its innovation and technology to protect and evacuate the civilians in Rafah, and to demonstrate its commitment to human rights and international law.

Rafah is a city in the southern Gaza Strip, near the border with Egypt. It has a population of about 1.3 million people, most of whom are refugees or displaced from other parts of Gaza due to the Israeli bombardment. Rafah is also the last major stronghold of Hamas, the Islamist group that rules Gaza and that Israel considers a terrorist organization. Hamas has used Rafah as a base to launch rockets and tunnel attacks against Israel, and to smuggle weapons and fighters from Egypt.

Israel has announced its intention to invade and occupy Rafah, and to evacuate its population, as part of its campaign to defeat Hamas and to end the rocket fire that has killed dozens of Israelis and damaged many properties and facilities. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have been instructed to prepare for the operation, which he called “the final blow” to Hamas.

US: The Key Ally and the Main Obstacle for Israel

The US is Israel’s closest ally and the main source of its military and diplomatic support. The US has provided Israel with billions of dollars in aid and weapons, and has defended Israel from criticism and sanctions at the United Nations and other international forums. The US has also expressed its solidarity and sympathy with Israel over the October 7 attack, which killed more than 1,000 Jews in synagogues across the world, and which was claimed by Hamas.

However, the US is also the main obstacle for Israel’s plan to invade Rafah, as it has warned Israel that such a move would be a disaster for the civilians and a violation of the laws of war. The US has urged Israel to exercise restraint and proportionality in its attacks on Gaza, and to avoid harming the innocent and the infrastructure. The US has also called for an immediate and lasting ceasefire, and for a peaceful and just resolution of the conflict. The US President Joe Biden has said that Israel’s actions in Gaza have been “over the top”, and that he would not support a major operation in Rafah without a credible plan to protect the civilians.

Innovation: The Secret Weapon and the Moral Duty for Israel

Israel can overcome the US’s opposition and gain its support for its plan to invade Rafah by using its innovation and technology to save and safeguard the civilians in Rafah, and to show its respect for human rights and international law. Israel is known for its innovation and technology, especially in the fields of defense, security, and intelligence. Israel has developed and deployed various systems and devices that have enhanced its military capabilities and reduced its casualties, such as the Iron Dome, which intercepts rockets and missiles, and the Trophy, which protects tanks and armored vehicles.

Israel can use its innovation and technology to protect and evacuate the civilians in Rafah, and to minimize the collateral damage and the humanitarian crisis. Israel can use its drones, robots, and sensors to identify and isolate the Hamas targets, and to warn and guide the civilians to safe zones. Israel can use its precision-guided munitions, such as the Spike, which can hit specific targets and avoid collateral damage. Israel can use its medical and rescue equipment, such as the Emergency Bandage, which can stop bleeding and save lives, and the ZAKA, which can locate and retrieve bodies and remains.

By using its innovation and technology to save and safeguard the civilians in Rafah, Israel can demonstrate its commitment to human rights and international law, and to the values and principles that it shares with the US. Israel can also win the hearts and minds of the civilians in Rafah, and of the international community, and undermine the legitimacy and popularity of Hamas. Israel can also prove that it is not only a powerful and resilient nation, but also a responsible and compassionate one.

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