Imdaad-Misr to Provide Comprehensive FM Services for Nine Cairo Projects

In a strategic collaboration, Imdaad-Misr, a regional subsidiary of the Dubai-based group of integrated Facilities Management (FM) companies, has signed a service agreement with Gates Developments, a prominent real estate developer in Egypt. The partnership aims to enhance the quality and performance of ongoing projects in the New Administrative Capital and West Cairo by delivering comprehensive facilities management services that meet international standards.

Gates Developments, known for its commitment to excellence, has chosen Imdaad-Misr to ensure the seamless operation and maintenance of its real estate projects. This agreement aligns with Gates Development’s vision to engage leading operational companies and elevate the standards of its future ventures.

Integrated FM Services

Under the terms of the agreement, Imdaad-Misr’s expert team will provide integrated facilities management services to nine significant projects:

  1. Administrative Capital: Three projects in the New Administrative Capital.
  2. West Cairo: Five projects in the western part of Cairo.
  3. Ras El Hikma: The new Lyv project on the North Coast.

Imdaad-Misr’s Proven Track Record

As a regional leader in the facilities management sector, Imdaad Group has consistently delivered exceptional services across various real estate domains, including administrative, commercial, residential, medical, and tourism projects. Their sustainable operations leverage local, regional, and international expertise, contributing to their remarkable long-term success in the Middle East.

Gates Development’s Vision

Hassan Nasr, the CEO of Gates Developments, emphasized the company’s commitment to forming strategic alliances with top-tier consultants, operators, and service providers. By partnering with Imdaad-Misr, Gates aims to enhance the investment value of its projects and reduce long-term operating costs while maintaining and enhancing facilities management assets.

This collaboration represents a significant step in Imdaad Group’s expansion strategy, reinforcing its capacity to positively impact the facilities management market. As Egypt continues to witness mega real estate projects, the partnership between Imdaad-Misr and Gates Developments promises excellence, innovation, and sustainable practices.

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