How to Reply to “Sup” in a Funny Way – 10 Hilarious Responses

We all know the feeling of receiving a mundane “Sup” text or message. Whether it’s from a friend or co-worker, sometimes it feels like they’re not putting in any effort to start a conversation. But fear not, as there are plenty of hilarious responses you can use to liven up the conversation and make them regret ever sending that boring message. In this post, we’ll cover 10 funny responses to “Sup” that will surely put a smile on their face.

The Classic Response

The first and most obvious response to “Sup” is to simply reply with “Not much, what’s up with you?” It’s a classic for a reason – it’s a straightforward and easy way to continue the conversation. However, if you want to add a bit of humor, try replying with “The sky. What’s up with you?” It’s a playful twist on the traditional response that’s sure to get a chuckle.

The Dad Joke

If you want to really up the ante on the humor, throw in a classic dad joke. Respond with “Sup? More like souper hungry, am I right?” or “Sup? Oh, you know, just saving the world one text at a time.” These responses might make your recipient cringe, but they’ll definitely remember your witty sense of humor.

How to Reply to "Sup" in a Funny Way
How to Reply to “Sup” in a Funny Way

The Pop-Culture Reference

If you and the person texting you share a common interest in pop culture, try incorporating a reference into your response. For example, if they’re a fan of The Office, reply with “Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica. What’s up with you?” Or, if they enjoy Game of Thrones, try sending “Sup? The North remembers.”

The Animal Pun

Who doesn’t love a good animal pun? If you’re feeling punny, try responding with “Sup? Just bee-ing me.” Or, if you want something a bit more dramatic, send “Sup? Not much, just lion around.” These puns might be a bit cheesy, but they’re sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

The Movie Quote

If you and the person texting you share a love of movies, try incorporating a quote into your response. For example, reply with “Sup? As you wish” from The Princess Bride or “Sup? You can’t handle the truth!” from A Few Good Men. These responses not only show off your knowledge of movies, but also add a fun and unexpected element to the conversation.

The Meme

Finally, if you want to really make them laugh, send a funny meme in response to “Sup”. There are countless meme options out there, but a classic is the “Sup?” dog meme. Simply reply with a picture of the dog and the word “Sup?” underneath.


There are plenty of ways to respond to the mundane “Sup” message in a way that’s both funny and memorable. From classic responses to witty puns, incorporating pop culture references or movie quotes, to sending a funny meme, there’s something for every personality type. So the next time you receive a “Sup”, don’t settle for a boring response – have some fun with it and let your sense of humor shine through.

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