How to Master the Start Boost in Fortnite Rocket Racing

Fortnite Rocket Racing is a new mode that lets players race against each other on various tracks using cars with boosters. The mode is inspired by Rocket League and developed by Psyonix. One of the key skills to master in this mode is the Start Boost, which gives you a speed advantage at the beginning of the race.

To get the Start Boost, you need to time your acceleration correctly during the countdown. You need to hold the accelerate key or button when the countdown reaches 3, and release it when it reaches 1. Then, you need to press it again when the race starts. This will trigger the Start Boost and give you a head start over your opponents.

How to Master the Start Boost in Fortnite Rocket Racing
How to Master the Start Boost in Fortnite Rocket Racing

The Start Boost is not easy to pull off, and it requires practice and precision. You can practice the Start Boost in the Private mode, where you can choose any track and race against bots or friends. You can also customize your car and use decals from the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass or your Rocket League garage.

The Start Boost is not the only way to boost your speed in Fortnite Rocket Racing. You can also drift, fly, and use items to gain an edge over your rivals. Drifting allows you to turn corners smoothly and build up a drift boost. Flying lets you soar over obstacles and shortcuts. Items are scattered around the tracks and can give you various effects, such as more stars, better acceleration, or more click power.

Fortnite Rocket Racing is a fun and fast-paced mode that offers a different experience from the usual battle royale. If you want to win in this mode, you need to master the Start Boost and other tricks. You can play Fortnite Rocket Racing from December 8, 2023, and enjoy the supersonic arcade racing with your friends.

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