How Much Should I Eat on Keto Diet?

How Much Should I Eat on Keto? How should I eat on keto is a question that is not easily answered. This will depend on the factors involved, but we will keep it simple to start.

Macros on Keto

Related, is what are my macros while on keto, and do I need to know my macros on keto? For beginners, you don’t have to work out your exact ‘macros’, you can start by substituting your meals for higher fat and lower carb meals straight away.

Macros near ketosis are often an excellent place to begin a ketogenic diet, and you can modify your plan as you learn more about what you can and can’t eat on keto.

If you have a lot of weight to lose or many health issues, this can be a good option for you. Compared with living at home, it will seem like less of a dramatic change and you will be able to ease your way into it.

A key factor to remember is that percentages aren’t everything. You should be considering the actual grams of what you are eating.

Your carbohydrate intake is a limit, your protein intake is an objective and you then leverage fat to feel fuller. For instance, if you ate all of your carbohydrates and have met your protein goal, but are still hungry, you should eat more fat.

How Much Should I Eat on Keto?

So, if you had a chicken breast and some salad for supper, perhaps you could put some olive oil on your salad and grill your chicken breast in butter.

Or you can swap the chicken breast for chicken thigh, which is higher in fat. This is another easy way to get started on Keto because you won’t be overwhelmed by keeping track of everything.

Use this diet for a few weeks or months, and only eat from the green list. This could seem overwhelming at first. I will be covering this in more detail with video assistance in the Keto Community.

Calories Per Day On Keto

Once you know how many calories your body needs on keto, the rest is easy. You can use different calories for different purposes. For example, you might require an extra 10% calories for an intense workout day, and 10% fewer calories for a more leisurely couch day!

There is a trial-and-error element to finding the correct number of calories on keto that your body can tolerate, and you can adjust this after trying out something for several weeks and seeing how you feel.

Once I had lost most of the weight I needed to, I started tightening the belt around my food intake. That’s where macros came in!

If you aren’t sure how many calories you should be eating, I like the Ketogains calculator the best which you can access here: You can use this table to determine how much food per day you should consume. If you need to consume 1500 calories per day, your Keto macros would look like this:

  • Fat content of 125 grams
  • Protein content of 75 grams
  • 19 grams of carbohydrates were consumed as a meal.
  • Remember 70 grams of protein does NOT mean 70 grams of meat. Each meat has different amounts of protein in it, so best to use an online calculator or Google. For example, 100 grams of chicken has around 30 grams of protein.

How Much Should I Eat on Keto?

What is TDEE?

Total Daily Energy Expenditure, or TDEE, is the amount of electricity your body uses per day taking into account your level of physical activity. If your TDEE is 1700 calories,  you burn around 1700 calories per day across all of your activities, from sleeping to going to the gym.

Eating 1500 calories of high quality, nutritious food will result in weight loss over time. I do not subscribe to the “all calories are not equal” theory of weight loss, but I do believe that a calorie deficit while eating in a sustainable, nutritious way will result in weight loss.

FAQ: How Much Should I Eat On Keto

Q: How many calories can I eat on Keto?

While counting calories is not strictly necessary at first, it is a good idea to get a general idea of what you eat. For most women, calories will generally fall between 1400 and 1800 calories a day, though you can use a calculator to determine where you fit on this.

Q: Are Keto Macros for women different?

Certainly! Women tend to have less protein needs than men and should therefore be included in the calculators. You should enter your gender into the calculators to determine where you fit.

Q: Can you eat as much as you want on Keto?

You cannot eat 5kg of fatty steak even if you are in a calorie deficit. Calories do not matter, and weight loss is impossible if you consume more than 0 carbs. While the ‘calories in, calories out’ theory has been discredited as being too simplistic, we still require our metabolism to burn as many calories as possible in order to burn fat instead.

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