HMD Global to launch its own smartphone brand alongside Nokia

HMD Global, the company that has been producing Nokia-branded smartphones for the past six years, has announced its plans to launch its own line of mobile devices. The new HMD brand will co-exist with the Nokia phones and some undisclosed collaborations with other partners.

HMD’s journey as the home of Nokia phones

HMD Global was formed in 2016 after Microsoft sold its rights to the Nokia brand to a new entity founded by former Nokia employees. The company partnered with Foxconn, the Taiwanese tech giant that also manufactures iPhones, to produce Nokia-branded devices. Since then, HMD has released several smartphones under the Nokia name, ranging from budget to mid-range models. Some of the recent devices include the Nokia C32, G60 5G, and X30 5G.

HMD Global to launch its own smartphone brand alongside Nokia
HMD Global to launch its own smartphone brand alongside Nokia

HMD has also revived some of the classic Nokia phones, such as the 3310, 8110, and 2720, with modern features and design. The company claims to have sold over 240 million phones in more than 90 countries since its inception.

HMD’s vision for its own smartphone brand

On Monday, HMD Global CEO Jean-Francois Baril announced on Linkedin that the company is ready for the next step in its journey – to enter the market independently as a force to create a new world for telecommunications focused on consumer needs. He said that the new HMD brand will be launched soon and will offer “a unique proposition” to customers.

Baril did not reveal any details about the new HMD products, such as their specifications, features, or release date. However, he hinted that they will be designed for a more sustainable and affordable future, and will leverage HMD’s expertise in software, security, and services.

HMD Global has also launched a new subscription service called “Circular”, where customers can get a handset for a monthly fee and receive incentives to use it for as long as possible. The service is initially available in the UK and Germany, but HMD says it plans to expand it globally in the coming months.

HMD’s relationship with Nokia and Foxconn

Despite launching its own smartphone brand, HMD Global says it will continue to produce Nokia-branded devices and collaborate with “exciting new partners” that have yet to be disclosed. Baril said that HMD is proud of its exclusive partnership with Nokia and will remain committed to delivering quality products that uphold the legacy of the Finnish brand.

HMD Global also confirmed that its new devices will be manufactured by Foxconn, which is the main owner of HMD and provides production facilities, engineering support, and supply chain management. Foxconn is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world and has been involved in making devices for Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, and others.

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