Fujifilm unveils its new flagship medium format camera with 8K video and faster performance


Fujifilm has just announced its new GFX100 II camera, which is the latest addition to its medium format mirrorless lineup. The new camera boasts a 102-megapixel sensor, a faster processor, improved autofocus, and 8K video recording. It also has a smaller and lighter body than its predecessor, the GFX100, and comes with a lower price tag of $7,499.

A new sensor with lower ISO and higher dynamic range

The GFX100 II features a new 43.8 x 32.9mm sensor, which has 1.7x more surface area than the 35mm full frame. The sensor has the same resolution as the GFX100, but it can achieve a lower ISO range of 80 to 12,800, compared to the previous range of 100 to 12,800. This means that the GFX100 II can capture more details in the shadows and highlights, and produce images with less noise and higher dynamic range.

Fujifilm unveils its new flagship medium format camera with 8K video and faster performance
Fujifilm unveils its new flagship medium format camera with 8K video and faster performance

The sensor also supports full-width 4K video recording at up to 60 frames per second, which is twice as fast as the GFX100. Additionally, the GFX100 II can record 8K video at up to 30 frames per second, when cropped to 1.44x. This is equivalent to the true pixel-to-pixel 8K resolution on its medium format sensor.

A faster processor with subject-detection autofocus and subject-tracking video

The GFX100 II is powered by Fujifilm’s X Processor 5, which is the same processor used in its X-H2S and X-H2 cameras. The processor enables the GFX100 II to have faster performance, including the same phase-detection autofocus system with human and animal subject-detection as the X-T5 and X-H2. The autofocus system can also track subjects in video mode, which is a first for a medium format camera.

The processor also allows the GFX100 II to have a continuous shooting speed of up to 8 frames per second, for more than 1,000 JPEGs. This is impressive for a medium format camera, especially considering the large file sizes that it produces.

A smaller and lighter body with optional accessories

The GFX100 II has a shorter and more standard-size body than the GFX100, which had a tall and bulky design with a vertical grip. The GFX100 II weighs only 1.4kg (3.1lb), compared to the GFX100’s 1.6kg (3.5lb). The vertical grip is now an optional accessory, which can improve the battery life and ergonomics of the camera.

The GFX100 II also has a removable 9.44m-dot electronic viewfinder (EVF), which can be tilted using an optional EVF accessory. The EVF is one of the best viewfinders on the market, offering a clear and bright view of the scene.

A lower price tag with three new lenses

The GFX100 II will be available from September 26, with a list price of $7,499. This is about $2,500 less than the GFX100, which was launched at $9,999. The lower price makes the GFX100 II more accessible and competitive in the medium format market.

Alongside the GFX100 II, Fujifilm also announced three new medium format lenses: the GF 55mm F1.7 R WR priced at $2,299, and two tilt-shift lenses, the GF 30mm F5.6 TS ($3,499) and the GF 110mm F5.6 TS ($3,999). These lenses expand the GF lens lineup to 15 options, covering a wide range of focal lengths and apertures.


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