Halo Infinite Season 5 Brings Spooky Rewards and New Content

Halo Infinite, the popular first-person shooter game from 343 Industries, has launched its fifth season with a lot of new features and improvements. Season 5: Reckoning offers an all-new Battle Pass featuring Flood-inspired rewards, new maps, a new mode, and a sophisticated AI Toolkit. Here are some of the highlights of the latest update for Halo Infinite.

Flood-infected Gear for Your Spartan

One of the most exciting additions to the Season 5 Battle Pass is a series of Flood-infected gear for your Spartan. The Flood is an alien species that takes control of people they infect, and they are one of the main antagonists in the Halo franchise. The Flood-infected gear includes a helmet, chest piece, shoulder pads, gloves, and boots that have a grotesque and organic appearance. The gear also comes with a unique armor coating that gives your Spartan a greenish hue.

Halo Infinite Season 5 Brings Spooky Rewards and New Content
Halo Infinite Season 5 Brings Spooky Rewards and New Content

The Flood-infected gear is not only cosmetic, but also has some gameplay benefits. According to 343 Industries, the gear will make you more resistant to melee attacks and environmental hazards, as well as increase your movement speed and jump height. However, the gear also has some drawbacks, such as making you more vulnerable to fire and plasma weapons, and reducing your shield recharge rate and health regeneration.

The Flood-infected gear is the main reward for the Battle Pass, which has been revamped to be more streamlined and rewarding. The Battle Pass now has only 50 tiers instead of 100, but it still contains the same number of items to unlock. The redundant tiers, such as duplicate icons or shoulder pads split across two tiers, have been removed. The Battle Pass also has a new progression system that allows you to earn XP by completing challenges and playing matches, rather than by winning or losing.

New Maps and Mode

Season 5 also introduces two new maps and a new mode to Halo Infinite. The first map is called Containment, and it is set in a Flood research facility on Installation 05. The map is designed for 4v4 matches and features tight corridors, verticality, and environmental hazards. The map also has some interactive elements, such as doors that can be opened or closed, and Flood specimens that can be released to attack players.

The second map is called Outpost, and it is set in a UNSC outpost on an icy planet. The map is designed for 8v8 matches and features open spaces, vehicles, and sniping opportunities. The map also has some dynamic weather effects, such as snowstorms that can reduce visibility and affect movement.

The new mode is called Extraction, and it is a team-based objective mode that involves capturing and defending data modules. Each team has to locate a data module on the map and extract it by standing near it for a certain amount of time. Once extracted, the data module becomes a defend point that the team has to protect from the enemy team. The first team to extract three data modules wins the match.

AI Toolkit

Season 5 also brings a sophisticated AI Toolkit that allows players to create and customize their own AI companions. The AI Toolkit lets you choose from different AI personalities, voices, appearances, behaviors, and abilities. You can also name your AI and assign it to different roles, such as support, offense, defense, or recon.

The AI companions can assist you in various ways during matches, such as providing intel, marking enemies, hacking terminals, healing you, or boosting your abilities. You can also communicate with your AI using voice commands or gestures. The AI Toolkit is available in both multiplayer and campaign modes.

Other Improvements and Fixes

Season 5 also delivers some other improvements and fixes to Halo Infinite. Some of them are:

  • Improved stability for Halo Infinite on both Xbox consoles and PC.
  • Improved performance and graphics quality for Halo Infinite on PC.
  • Added cross-play and cross-progression support for Halo Infinite across Xbox consoles and PC.
  • Added keyboard and mouse support for Halo Infinite on Xbox consoles.
  • Added new customization options for Halo Infinite on both Xbox consoles and PC.
  • Fixed various bugs and glitches in Halo Infinite on both Xbox consoles and PC.

Season 5 for Halo Infinite is available now for free for all players who own the game. You can download the update from the Microsoft Store or Steam. You can also purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass for $10 or 1000 credits.

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