Grenade attack near Tel Aviv prison sparks security alert

A loud explosion was heard near the Abu Kabir detention facility in Tel Aviv, early Monday morning, according to police reports. Initial investigation reports suggest that a grenade was thrown near the prison wall, causing minor damage but no injuries. The police have launched a search operation to find the perpetrators and the motive behind the attack.

No group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. However, some sources have speculated that the attack may be linked to the recent wave of violence between Israeli and Palestinian factions. The Abu Kabir prison houses several high-profile inmates, including members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who have been involved in terrorist activities against Israel. The prison also holds some Israeli criminals, such as former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who was convicted of corruption charges.

Grenade attack near Tel Aviv prison sparks security alert

How did the authorities react?

The authorities have tightened the security around the prison and other sensitive locations in Tel Aviv, following the attack. The police have also increased their patrols and checkpoints in the city, to prevent any further incidents. The prison administration has said that the attack did not affect the normal functioning of the facility, and that all the inmates and staff are safe.

What are the implications of the attack?

The attack comes at a time when the region is witnessing a surge in tensions and violence, following the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December 2023. Since then, there have been several clashes, protests, and rocket attacks, resulting in dozens of casualties on both sides. The attack also raises questions about the security of Israel’s prisons, which have been targeted by militants in the past. In 2023, six Palestinian prisoners escaped from the Gilboa prison, sparking a massive manhunt and a diplomatic crisis. The attack also poses a challenge for the new Israeli government, which was formed in January 2024, after months of political deadlock.

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