RUMOR: Gollum publisher used ChatGPT to create their apology letter

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, a stealth game based on the popular fantasy franchise, was released earlier this year to a negative reception from critics and fans alike. The game was plagued by technical issues, poor graphics, boring gameplay, and a lackluster story. The developer, Daedalic Entertainment, reportedly closed down its development arm after the game’s failure. However, the publisher, Nacon, issued an apology letter on Twitter that was allegedly written by an AI tool called ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered text generator that can produce natural-sounding texts based on a given prompt. The tool is based on the GPT-3 model, which is one of the most advanced language models in the world. ChatGPT can be used for various purposes, such as writing essays, stories, poems, jokes, and more. However, it can also generate texts that are inaccurate, misleading, or nonsensical.

RUMOR: Gollum publisher used ChatGPT to create their apology letter
RUMOR: Gollum publisher used ChatGPT to create their apology letter

How did Nacon use ChatGPT?

According to a report by Game Two, a German gaming outlet, Nacon used ChatGPT to write the apology letter for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum without the knowledge or consent of Daedalic Entertainment. The report claims that anonymous sources from Daedalic confirmed that they were not involved in the apology and that it was a decision made by Nacon. The report also reveals some details about the troubled development of the game, such as the lack of funds, time, and creative freedom.

Why did the apology letter backfire?

The apology letter posted by Nacon on Twitter was widely ridiculed by gamers and media outlets for its tone-deaf and insincere content. The letter misspelled the game’s title as “The Lord of Ring: Gollum” and blamed the negative reviews on “unrealistic expectations” and “misunderstandings”. The letter also promised to improve the game with patches and updates, but did not specify any concrete plans or timelines. Many gamers noticed that the letter sounded like it was written by a bot and not a human.

What are the implications of using ChatGPT?

The use of ChatGPT to write an apology letter for a failed game raises some ethical and legal questions. For instance, is it fair to use an AI tool to communicate with customers and stakeholders without disclosing it? Is it possible to hold an AI tool accountable for its output and its consequences? Is it legal to use an AI tool without the permission of its creators or owners? These are some of the issues that need to be addressed as AI tools become more prevalent and powerful in various domains.

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