Final Fantasy 16 Gets New Content and PC Version Announced

Square Enix has revealed some exciting news for fans of Final Fantasy 16, the latest installment in the popular RPG series. The game, which was released in June 2023 exclusively for PlayStation 5, is getting a free update, two paid DLC expansions, and a PC version in development.

Free Update Adds New Features and Options

The free update, which is available to download now, adds some new features and options to the game. These include:

  • A weapon skin feature that allows players to change the appearance of Clive’s weapon to any other blade in their possession, without affecting the stats of the equipped weapon.
  • A new Onion Sword weapon that can be used as a weapon skin or as a regular weapon.
  • Alternate outfits for several characters, including Clive, Jill, Torgal, Joshua, and Ambrosia. Players can switch between the default and additional outfits at any time.
  • Some gameplay adjustments based on player feedback, such as faster activation of Eikonic abilities after a successful parry, easier aerial combos against smaller enemies, and cooldown details added to ability descriptions.

The update also includes some minor changes such as new controller layouts and more.

Final Fantasy 16 Gets New Content and PC Version Announced
Final Fantasy 16 Gets New Content and PC Version Announced

Two Paid DLC Expansions Will Expand the Story and World

In addition to the free update, Square Enix has also announced that two paid DLC expansions are currently in development for Final Fantasy 16. These expansions will add more story and content to the game, focusing on the world of Valisthea and its inhabitants.

Producer Naoki Yoshida said in a video message: “We’ve seen so many opinions and reactions from our community of Final Fantasy 16 players. But one thing that came through particularly strongly was how people wanted to see more of Valisthea’s story and spend more time with her inhabitants.”

Yoshida did not reveal any details about the DLC expansions, such as their release dates, prices, or titles. However, he said that he hopes to share more information before the end of the year.

PC Version Is Officially in Development

Finally, Yoshida also confirmed that a PC version of Final Fantasy 16 is officially in development. The game was initially released as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but many fans have been asking for a PC port.

Yoshida said: “Finally, while Final Fantasy 16 was released as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, we are aware that many of you have been asking for a PC version. So, allow me to take this opportunity to officially announce that development on a PC version is currently underway.”

Yoshida also said that he hopes to give more information on the PC version before the end of the year. It is unclear whether the PC version will be released at the same time as the DLC expansions or later.

Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed games of 2023. It has sold over 3 million copies worldwide and received praise for its dark and captivating story, memorable characters, and innovative combat system.

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