How a Fan of ‘Armored Core VI’ Turned His Dreamcast TwinSticks into a Virtual On Controller

One of the most innovative features of ‘Armored Core VI’, the latest installment in the popular mecha action game series, is its new target assist mechanic. This mechanic allows players to switch between two different targeting modes: manual and lock-on. Manual mode is similar to the classic Armored Core games, where players have to capture an enemy within a targeting window and at the right range to fire their weapons accurately. Lock-on mode, on the other hand, is inspired by another mecha game series: Virtual On.

Virtual On is a series of arcade and console games that features fast-paced mecha combat in 3D arenas. Unlike Armored Core, Virtual On uses a lock-on system for aiming and movement. Players can lock on to an enemy and then use their sticks to move around them, dodge their attacks, and fire their weapons. This system creates a dynamic and fluid gameplay that emphasizes speed and agility.

How a Fan of ‘Armored Core VI’ Turned His Dreamcast TwinSticks into a Virtual On Controller
How a Fan of ‘Armored Core VI’ Turned His Dreamcast TwinSticks into a Virtual On Controller

In Armored Core VI, players can switch between manual and lock-on modes at any time during the game. This gives them more options and flexibility in how they approach each mission and enemy. Some players may prefer manual mode for more precise aiming and customization, while others may enjoy lock-on mode for more mobility and responsiveness.

A fan of ‘Armored Core VI’ has modified his Dreamcast TwinSticks to play the game like ‘Virtual On’

One fan of ‘Armored Core VI’ has taken his love for the game and its target assist mechanic to the next level. Twitter user ToyonakaOJF has modified a pair of Dreamcast TwinSticks, which were originally released for Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, to play Armored Core VI. He has added extra buttons and switches to the TwinSticks, as well as replaced the original sticks with the ones from the Tanita TwinSticks, which are official replicas of the arcade controllers for Virtual On.

ToyonakaOJF has posted a video of him playing Armored Core VI with his modified TwinSticks on Twitter. In the video, he demonstrates how he can use the TwinSticks to switch between manual and lock-on modes, as well as control his mecha’s movement and weapons. He also shows how he can customize his mecha’s parts and colors using the TwinSticks.

The video has received a lot of positive feedback from other fans of Armored Core VI and Virtual On. Many have praised ToyonakaOJF’s skills and creativity in modifying his TwinSticks and playing the game with them. Some have also expressed their interest in buying or making their own modified TwinSticks.

The modified TwinSticks are available for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan

If you are interested in getting your own pair of modified TwinSticks to play Armored Core VI like Virtual On, you may be in luck. ToyonakaOJF has put up his modified TwinSticks for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan, a popular online marketplace for Japanese goods. The starting bid for the TwinSticks is 29,800 yen (or around $204), which is not too expensive considering the amount of work and parts that went into them.

However, you may have to act fast if you want to buy them. The auction will end on September 7th at 11:42 pm JST (or 10:42 am EDT). As of this writing, there are no bids yet for the TwinSticks, but that may change soon as more people become aware of them.

Alternatively, you may also try to make your own modified TwinSticks if you have the skills and resources to do so. ToyonakaOJF has shared some photos of his modification process on Twitter, which may give you some ideas on how to do it yourself.

‘Armored Core VI’ is a hit among mecha fans worldwide

Whether you play it with a regular controller or a modified TwinSticks, ‘Armored Core VI’ is a game that will satisfy any mecha fan’s cravings. The game was released on August 31st for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. It has received positive reviews from critics and players alike, who have praised its graphics, gameplay, customization, and online features.

The game has also topped the Japanese charts and dominated Steam, selling over 500,000 copies in its first week. It has also attracted a lot of attention from international fans, who have been eagerly waiting for a new Armored Core game since the last one was released in 2012.

‘Armored Core VI’ is a game that pays homage to its mecha gaming influences, such as Virtual On, while also offering its own unique and innovative features. It is a game that celebrates the joy and thrill of piloting giant robots and fighting against other mecha in various scenarios. It is a game that you should not miss if you are a fan of mecha action games.

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