Switch Fans Left Disappointed as Evil Dead: The Game Gets Cancelled

Evil Dead: The Game, a multiplayer horror game based on the cult classic movie franchise, has been cancelled for the Nintendo Switch platform. The developer, Saber Interactive, announced this decision on social media yesterday, without giving any specific reason for it.

The game was originally scheduled to release on the Switch last year, along with other platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. However, it faced multiple delays and setbacks, and eventually launched on other platforms in May 2023. The Switch version was still in development, but no updates were given by the developer for a long time.

Switch Fans Left Disappointed as Evil Dead: The Game Gets Cancelled
Switch Fans Left Disappointed as Evil Dead: The Game Gets Cancelled

The game received mixed reviews from critics and players, who praised its faithful adaptation of the Evil Dead movies, but criticized its technical issues, lack of content, and repetitive gameplay. The game also struggled to maintain a healthy player base, especially on PC, where the monthly peak players counts dwindled to double digits on Steam.

How did the fans react?

The news of the cancellation came as a shock and disappointment to many fans of the Evil Dead franchise, who were looking forward to playing the game on their Switch consoles. Some fans expressed their frustration and anger on social media, while others expressed their sympathy and support for the developer.

Some fans speculated that the cancellation was due to the poor performance and reception of the game on other platforms, or due to the financial difficulties faced by Saber Interactive’s parent company, Embracer Group. Embracer Group is undergoing significant restructuring in light of ongoing financial challenges, which has resulted in studio closures and job cuts.

Some fans also wondered if there was any possibility of reviving the game or porting it to another platform in the future. However, Saber Interactive made it clear that they have made the decision not to pursue the development of new content for the game on any platform. They also confirmed that they will not be releasing a Nintendo Switch version of the game.

What did the developer say?

Saber Interactive thanked the fans for their support and appreciation of the game in their statement. They also assured them that they will keep the servers up for the foreseeable future and address any major issues that arise. They did not elaborate on why they decided to cancel the game or what their future plans are.

The developer also thanked Bruce Campbell, the actor who played Ash Williams in the Evil Dead movies, for his involvement and collaboration in the game. Campbell reprised his role as Ash Williams in the game and provided his voice and likeness for the character. He also promoted the game on various occasions and expressed his excitement for it.

Campbell has not commented on the cancellation of the game yet, but he has previously stated that he is retired from playing Ash Williams in live-action movies or shows. He said that he is happy to lend his voice to video games or animated projects based on Evil Dead, as long as they are done well.

What is Evil Dead: The Game about?

Evil Dead: The Game is a co-op and PvP multiplayer horror game that lets players step into the shoes of Ash Williams and other iconic characters from the Evil Dead franchise. The game features various locations, weapons, enemies, and references from the movies, such as The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), Army of Darkness (1992), and Ash vs Evil Dead (2015-2018).

The game has two main modes: co-op mode and PvP mode. In co-op mode, up to four players work together to seal the breach between worlds and stop the evil forces from spreading. They have to collect pages of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (the Book of the Dead), fight off hordes of Deadites (possessed humans), and face powerful bosses such as Kandarian Demons.

In PvP mode, up to eight players compete against each other in two teams: survivors and demons. The survivors have to complete objectives similar to co-op mode, while the demons have to stop them by possessing Deadites, environmental objects, or even other players. The demons can also summon powerful allies such as Henrietta (the possessed cellar-dweller) or Baal (the leader of Hell).

The game also features a Splatter Royale mode that was added in February 2023 as a free update. This mode is a battle royale-style mode where up to 64 players fight each other in a large map until only one survivor remains. The map is filled with weapons, items, traps, and Deadites that can be used to gain an advantage or hinder the opponents.

The game is still available on other platforms, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. However, no new content will be added to the game, and the developer has not announced any plans to support the game further.

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