Etihad Airways to unveil new mega-lounge at Abu Dhabi Terminal A

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is preparing to open its largest and most luxurious lounge ever at Abu Dhabi’s new Midfield Terminal, also known as Terminal A. The new lounge is expected to be ready by mid-November 2023, when the terminal will officially open to the public.

A new home for Etihad Airways

The Midfield Terminal has been under construction since 2012, and was originally planned to open in 2017. However, due to various delays and the impact of the pandemic, the opening date was pushed back several times. The terminal is now 98% completed and will be the new home for Etihad Airways, as well as other airlines operating at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Etihad Airways to unveil new mega-lounge at Abu Dhabi Terminal A
Etihad Airways to unveil new mega-lounge at Abu Dhabi Terminal A

The terminal is designed to handle up to 45 million passengers per year, and features four piers that can accommodate 65 aircraft. The terminal also boasts a stunning architecture that resembles rolling desert dunes, and has been featured in the movie Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, starring Tom Cruise.

Etihad Airways will move all its flights from Terminal 3 to Terminal A by November 14, 2023. The airline has also announced that it will resume its Airbus A380 service to London three times a day from early November, after suspending it due to low demand during the pandemic.

A mega-lounge with first class amenities

According to Executive Traveller, Etihad Airways’ new lounge at Terminal A will be able to accommodate over 1,000 guests, making it the largest lounge in the airline’s network. The lounge will also have a dedicated first class section, as well as VIP rooms for high-profile travelers, such as those flying in the Etihad Residence, the three-room suite on board the A380.

The lounge will offer a range of amenities and services for Etihad Airways’ premium customers, such as dining options, spa treatments, relaxation areas, business facilities, and entertainment options. The lounge will also reflect the airline’s brand identity and values, as well as the culture and heritage of Abu Dhabi.

Etihad Airways has not revealed much details about the design and features of the new lounge yet, but it is expected to be a significant upgrade from its current lounges at Terminal 3, which are already quite impressive. The airline has also not confirmed if there will be an arrivals lounge, a Priority Pass and contract lounge, or an airport hotel at Terminal A.

A milestone for Etihad Airways’ growth strategy

The opening of the new terminal and lounge is a major milestone for Etihad Airways’ growth strategy, which has been focused on becoming more sustainable and profitable after suffering huge losses in the past few years. The airline has been undergoing a transformation program since 2017, which involved cutting costs, reducing capacity, restructuring its fleet and network, and improving its customer experience.

The airline has also been expanding its destinations this year, adding 11 new routes to its portfolio. The airline has also been investing in its fleet renewal and upgrade, with a growing number of Airbus A350s and Boeing 787s with enhanced business class suites. The airline has also become profitable for the first time in its history in the second quarter of 2023.

The new terminal and lounge will give Etihad Airways a more competitive edge in the region and globally, as it aims to attract more customers and increase its market share. The terminal and lounge will also showcase Abu Dhabi’s ambition and vision as a leading aviation hub and tourist destination in the Middle East.

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Meta Description: Etihad Airways is set to open its largest-ever lounge at Abu Dhabi’s new Midfield Terminal in November 2023. The lounge will have a first class section and VIP rooms.


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