Dbrand’s Arachnoplates: A Better Alternative to Sony’s Spider-Man PS5 Covers?

Sony recently released a limited edition of its PlayStation 5 console covers, featuring a red and black design inspired by Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game. The plates were available for pre-order on PlayStation Direct, but they sold out within minutes. Many fans who missed the opportunity to buy them were disappointed and frustrated, as the plates were not only aesthetically pleasing, but also came with a digital copy of the game and a voucher for three months of PlayStation Plus2.

The high demand for the plates also created a secondary market, where resellers were offering them for exorbitant prices on eBay and Amazon. Some listings were asking for more than $300 for the plates, which originally cost $64.99. This made it even harder for genuine fans to get their hands on them, as they had to compete with scalpers and bots.

Dbrand’s Arachnoplates: A Creative Interpretation of Spider-Man 2

However, Sony’s plates are not the only option for PS5 owners who want to customize their consoles with a Spider-Man theme. Dbrand, a device outfitter known for its daring and cheeky marketing, has launched its own version of the plates, called Arachnoplates. The company claims that its plates are a better alternative to Sony’s, as they have a more graphic novel style, more webbing details, and no corporate logos. They also feature a vent on the side, which is different from Sony’s “popped collar” look.

Dbrand’s Arachnoplates: A Better Alternative to Sony’s Spider-Man PS5 Covers?
Dbrand’s Arachnoplates: A Better Alternative to Sony’s Spider-Man PS5 Covers?

Dbrand’s Arachnoplates are available for both the disc and digital versions of the PS5, and they cost the same as Sony’s plates ($64.98). However, they also offer some additional accessories to complete the look, such as a middle skin ($19.95) that covers the glossy black part of the console, and red light strips ($9.95) that change the color of the LEDs. The plates will ship on October 20th, the same day as Spider-Man 2’s release.

Dbrand is not shy about taking a jab at Sony for failing to produce enough stock of its plates. On its website, it writes: “The [POPULAR VIDEO GAME CONSOLE] maker [MEGACORP] failed to produce enough stock of their [LICENSED VIDEO GAME] side panels. Thanks for dropping the ball, you [SERIES OF EXPLETIVES].” It also tweeted in July that it would “fix” the shortage if enough people liked its post.

Dbrand vs Sony: A History of Rivalry

This is not the first time that Dbrand and Sony have clashed over PS5 faceplates. Dbrand previously dared Sony to sue it over its original PS5 faceplates, which had a similar design to Sony’s default ones. Sony responded by sending a cease and desist letter, forcing Dbrand to pull the plates and call Sony “terrorists.” Dbrand then came back with redesigned plates that had a vent on them, which were different enough to avoid a lawsuit. Sony later started selling its own faceplates in late 2021.

Dbrand is known for its bold and provocative marketing strategies, which often involve challenging big corporations like Apple, Samsung, and Nintendo. It also prides itself on its high-quality products and customer service, which have earned it a loyal fan base. Whether its Arachnoplates will be more popular than Sony’s Spider-Man 2 plates remains to be seen, but it is clear that Dbrand is not afraid to compete with the giants of the gaming industry.

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