TIG Dress Tokyo Offers Couples a Unique Opportunity to Experience Traditional Japanese Wedding Costumes and Photo Shoot

TIG Dress Tokyo, a company that specializes in renting and selling authentic wedding kimonos and dresses, has launched an exclusive service called “COUPLES KIMONO SHOOTING”, which allows couples to wear traditional Japanese wedding costumes and have a professional photo shoot in various locations. The service is available for both Japanese and foreign couples, who want to celebrate their love and culture in a special and memorable way.

The service is simple and convenient, as it only takes about 30 minutes to complete. The couples can choose from three types of wedding costumes: the colorful and ornate iro-uchikake, the pure and elegant shiro-muku, or the formal and dignified montsuki hakama. The costumes are made of high-quality fabrics and materials, and are adorned with exquisite patterns and designs. The couples can also select their preferred accessories, such as hairpins, fans, and umbrellas.

Once the couples are dressed, they can have their photo shoot in either the studio or the outdoor setting. The studio offers a variety of backdrops and props, such as cherry blossoms, lanterns, and torii gates, that create a romantic and authentic atmosphere. The outdoor setting offers a chance to explore the urban charm of Kinshicho district, where the company is located. The couples can pose in front of the iconic Tokyo Skytree, the historic Hoonji Temple, or the picturesque Inari Shrine, among other spots.

The photo shoot is conducted by a professional photographer, who guides the couples and captures their best moments. The couples can also use their own cameras or smartphones to take their own photos. The photos are then edited and delivered to the couples via email or a USB drive.

What are the benefits and outcomes of the service?

The service is a unique and fun way for couples to experience the beauty and tradition of Japanese wedding costumes and culture. The benefits and outcomes of the service include:

  • Creating a lasting memory and souvenir of their relationship, as they can keep the photos and share them with their friends and family
  • Learning about the history and meaning of the wedding costumes and accessories, as they are explained by the staff
  • Enjoying a cultural exchange and interaction, as they can communicate with the staff and other customers, and learn about their stories and perspectives
  • Having a relaxing and enjoyable time, as they can escape from their daily routine and stress, and have some fun and laughter

The service is also affordable and flexible, as it offers various plans and options to suit different budgets and preferences. The prices range from 9,800 yen to 19,800 yen per couple, depending on the type of costume and the location of the photo shoot. The couples can also choose the date and time of their reservation, and cancel or change it without any penalty.

What are the challenges and opportunities of the service?

The service is a novel and innovative idea that aims to promote and preserve the traditional Japanese wedding costumes and culture, and to offer a new and exciting option for couples who want to celebrate their love and diversity. However, it also faces some challenges and opportunities, such as:

  • Attracting and satisfying more customers, both domestic and international, by expanding their marketing and advertising strategies, and by improving their quality and variety of service
  • Collaborating and competing with other similar businesses and services, such as kimono rental shops, photo studios, and wedding planners, by creating partnerships and alliances, and by differentiating their brand and value proposition
  • Adapting and evolving their service, based on the feedback and suggestions of their customers and staff, and by incorporating the latest trends and technologies in the field of wedding and photography

TIG Dress Tokyo is a vision and a mission of its founder and CEO, Mr. Tetsuya Iguchi, who has over 20 years of experience and passion in the wedding industry. He hopes to share his love and knowledge of the wedding costumes and culture with more people, and to create a happier and more beautiful society.

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