Chery enters the Israeli EV market with its first model

Chery, one of the leading Chinese automakers, has launched the sales of its first electric vehicle (EV) model in Israel, as announced by its official Israeli dealership Freesbe. The new EV model is Chery’s compact crossover SUV FX EV, which is the electric version of the gasoline-powered FX.

Chery first entered the Israeli market in November 2022 with three gasoline-powered models: Atto 3, Geometry C and Omoda 5. The company ranked seventh in the overall car sales list in Israel last year, with 13,294 units sold.

The company chose to launch its first EV model in Israel because of the growing demand for electric vehicles in the country. According to data from the Israel Vehicle Importers Association, Chinese brands accounted for 60.98 percent of Israel’s EV sales in 2023, with 29,402 units sold. This was more than double the number of 13,294 in 2022.

Chery enters the Israeli EV market with its first model
Chery enters the Israeli EV market with its first model

Chery’s FX EV model

The new EV model now offered in Israel is Chery’s FX EV, which was unveiled at the Auto Shanghai 2023 last April and released more details in mid-October. The FX EV is based on the same platform as the Omoda 5, which is also sold in other countries as a subcompact crossover.

The FX EV has a range of 430 km and a speed of up to 172 km/h. It is equipped with a 61.1 kWh battery that can be charged from zero to full in about four hours using a standard household outlet. The car also features a smart key system that allows remote control and start-stop functions.

Chery’s competitive edge

Chery claims that its FX EV has several advantages over other electric vehicles on the market. For example, it has a lower price than some of its rivals, such as BYD Auto’s Atto 3 and Geely Auto Group’s Geometry C. It also has a higher safety rating than some other models from China.

Moreover, Chery says that it has invested heavily in research and development to improve its technology and innovation capabilities. The company has established several R&D centers around the world to focus on areas such as battery management systems, power electronics and autonomous driving.

Chery hopes that its entry into the Israeli EV market will help it expand its global presence and reputation as a leading automaker.

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