Brussels Gallery Weekend: A Showcase of Contemporary Art and Culture

Brussels Gallery Weekend is an annual event that celebrates the vibrant and diverse art scene in the Belgian capital. From September 9 to 12, 2023, more than 40 galleries and 20 non-profit spaces will open their doors to the public, offering a rich and varied program of exhibitions, performances, talks, and tours. Here are some of the must-see exhibitions that you should not miss during this four-day festival of contemporary art and culture.

A Tribute to Marcel Broodthaers at Xavier Hufkens

One of the highlights of the Brussels Gallery Weekend is the exhibition dedicated to the influential Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers (1924-1976) at Xavier Hufkens. The exhibition features a selection of works from different periods of his career, spanning from his early poetic objects to his later installations and films. Broodthaers was a pioneer of conceptual art, who challenged the conventions and boundaries of art making and exhibition practices. His work is marked by a witty and critical approach to language, images, and institutions, as well as a playful exploration of various media and materials. The exhibition at Xavier Hufkens is a rare opportunity to see some of his iconic works in Brussels, the city where he was born and where he founded his famous Musée d’Art Moderne, Département des Aigles in 1968.

Brussels Gallery Weekend: A Showcase of Contemporary Art and Culture
Brussels Gallery Weekend: A Showcase of Contemporary Art and Culture

A New Generation of Artists at Harlan Levey Projects

Harlan Levey Projects is a gallery that supports emerging and mid-career artists who engage with social and political issues. For the Brussels Gallery Weekend, the gallery presents two solo exhibitions by young artists who have recently joined its roster: Ella Littwitz and Emmanuel Van der Auwera. Littwitz is an Israeli artist who investigates the complex relations between nature, culture, and history in her multidisciplinary practice. Her exhibition, titled “And Waters Became Wormwood”, explores the ecological and geopolitical implications of water contamination in different regions of the world. Van der Auwera is a Belgian artist who uses digital technologies and media to examine the construction and manipulation of reality in contemporary society. His exhibition, titled “Central Alberta”, consists of a video installation and a series of sculptures that reflect on the phenomenon of fake news and its impact on individual and collective identities.

A Dialogue Between Painting and Sculpture at La Patinoire Royale – Galerie Valérie Bach

La Patinoire Royale – Galerie Valérie Bach is a unique space that combines a historical building with a contemporary art program. The gallery occupies a former skating rink from the 19th century, which has been renovated and transformed into a stunning exhibition venue. For the Brussels Gallery Weekend, the gallery presents a group show that brings together six artists who work with painting and sculpture: Bram Bogart, Daniel Dezeuze, Günther Förg, Bernard Frize, Imi Knoebel, and Jessica Stockholder. The exhibition aims to create a dialogue between different approaches and expressions of these two mediums, highlighting their formal and conceptual affinities and contrasts. The show also showcases the diversity and vitality of abstract art in the past and present.

A Journey Through Time and Space at Mendes Wood DM

Mendes Wood DM is a gallery that was founded in São Paulo in 2010, and has since expanded to Brussels and New York. The gallery represents artists from different generations and backgrounds, who share a common interest in exploring the cultural and historical dimensions of their practices. For the Brussels Gallery Weekend, the gallery presents two solo exhibitions by Brazilian artists: Paulo Nazareth and Sonia Gomes. Nazareth is an artist who uses photography, video, performance, and installation to document his travels around the world, tracing the routes and stories of migration, colonialism, and globalization. His exhibition, titled “Ancestral Wanderlust”, features a series of works that reflect his journeys across Africa, Europe, and America. Gomes is an artist who creates sculptures and installations from fabrics, threads, wires, ropes, and other found materials. Her exhibition, titled “I Rise”, showcases her expressive and colorful works that evoke organic forms, bodily sensations, and personal memories.

A Celebration of African Art at AKKA Project

AKKA Project is a gallery that specializes in contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora. The gallery aims to promote the diversity and richness of African artistic expressions, as well as to foster cross-cultural dialogue and exchange. For the Brussels Gallery Weekend, the gallery presents a group show that features works by 12 artists from different countries and regions of Africa: Algeria, Benin, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. The exhibition showcases a variety of styles and techniques, ranging from painting and drawing to photography and sculpture. The show also reflects some of the themes and issues that inspire and challenge African artists today, such as identity, heritage, tradition, modernity, politics, spirituality, and ecology.

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