Browzwear Hires Lior Hakimi as CFO to Boost its Growth and Innovation

Browzwear, a pioneer in 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, has announced the appointment of Lior Hakimi as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Hakimi brings significant financial leadership and innovation expertise, positioning him to accelerate Browzwear’s growth and redefine the fashion technology sector.

Lior Hakimi has a strong background in financial strategy, leadership and fund management, which uniquely qualifies him to lead Browzwear’s financial initiatives. He started his career at PWC Israel, where he gained insights into high-tech financial management. Later, he joined Optimove, a leading customer data platform, as Vice President of Finance. There, he was responsible for building and leading a dedicated team that drove financial and operational excellence. He also played a pivotal role in contributing significantly to Optimove’s remarkable growth, which included successfully leading fundamental fund-raising and orchestrating strategic acquisitions.

Browzwear Hires Lior Hakimi as CFO to Boost its Growth and Innovation
Browzwear Hires Lior Hakimi as CFO to Boost its Growth and Innovation

Hakimi’s motivation to join Browzwear is rooted in the company’s commitment to disrupting the industry through end-to-end digital transformation, reflecting its visionary approach to the future of fashion. “I’m super passionate about innovation and efficiency, making Browzwear an ideal fit for me,” he commented.

Browzwear’s Vision and Mission

Browzwear is a trusted partner of more than 1,000 fashion and apparel companies worldwide, offering advanced 3D visualization solutions that make it possible to design, produce, and sell with remarkable efficiency. Virtual prototypes are true to life, reducing waste and accelerating time-to-market. Ideas come to market faster, with cost and waste reduced at every step of the way.

Browzwear’s vision is to align and accelerate digital workflows, from sketch to store. The company’s mission is to enable apparel companies to achieve digital craftsmanship, allowing the creative act to flow across the entire value chain. The company also aims to help its partners set and achieve ambitious sustainability goals, by unlocking new capabilities for the measurement and tracking of impact across value chains.

Browzwear’s Future Plans

As CFO, Hakimi will leverage his extensive financial experience to facilitate Browzwear’s expansion and collaborate with the leadership team to achieve its growth objectives, ensuring that the company continues to excel in the dynamic fashion technology industry. The fashion technology sector faces challenges and opportunities, including evolving consumer preferences and sustainability concerns.

Hakimi will help the company allocate resources to ongoing research and development efforts, ensuring that they remain in sync with the dynamic needs of fashion brands and their consumers. Moreover, the company will harness strategic partnerships to nurture innovation. “Browzwear’s future is built on a solid financial foundation and strategic decisions. Together, we will navigate the dynamic fashion technology landscape, seizing opportunities and overcoming challenges,” he said.

“I am excited about the potential that lies ahead, and I look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders to drive Browzwear’s growth, create value, and shape the future of the fashion industry,” Hakimi concluded.

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