How Black Beauty Influencers Are Changing the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has long been dominated by white standards of beauty, often excluding or marginalizing people of color. However, in recent years, a new wave of Black beauty influencers has emerged, challenging the status quo and creating a more diverse and inclusive space for beauty lovers. These influencers are not only showcasing their own beauty, but also educating, empowering, and inspiring others to embrace their natural features and celebrate their cultural heritage.

One of the scholars who has been studying this phenomenon is Dr. Natalie Graham, a professor of African American studies at California State University, Fullerton. Dr. Graham is the author of a new book titled “The Black Beauty Effect: How Black Beauty Influencers Are Transforming the Beauty Industry and Culture”. The book is based on her research and interviews with over 50 Black beauty influencers, ranging from YouTube stars to celebrity makeup artists.

How Black Beauty Influencers Are Changing the Beauty Industry
How Black Beauty Influencers Are Changing the Beauty Industry

Dr. Graham’s book explores how Black beauty influencers are using social media platforms to create their own narratives, communities, and businesses in the beauty industry. She also examines how they are influencing the mainstream beauty culture, as well as the challenges and opportunities they face in a predominantly white industry.

Dr. Graham said that she was inspired to write the book after noticing the lack of academic literature on Black beauty influencers. She said that she wanted to fill the gap and highlight the contributions and impacts of these influencers on the beauty industry and society at large.

“I wanted to show that Black beauty influencers are not just superficial or vain, but they are actually doing important work that has social, cultural, and economic implications,” Dr. Graham said. “They are creating spaces for representation, empowerment, and education for Black women and girls, as well as for other people of color and marginalized groups. They are also challenging the beauty standards and norms that have been imposed by the dominant culture, and creating their own standards and norms that reflect their diversity and identity.”

The Rise of Black Beauty Influencers: A Historical Perspective

Dr. Graham’s book also provides a historical perspective on the rise of Black beauty influencers, tracing their roots back to the early 20th century. She said that Black beauty influencers have always existed, but they have often been overlooked or erased by the mainstream media and history.

She cited examples of Black beauty pioneers such as Madam C.J. Walker, the first self-made female millionaire in America who created a line of hair care products for Black women; Annie Turnbo Malone, another successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded the Poro College of Cosmetology; and Dorothy Dandridge, the first Black woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, who was known for her glamorous style and beauty.

Dr. Graham said that these and other Black beauty icons paved the way for the current generation of Black beauty influencers, who are continuing their legacy and expanding their reach and influence through social media.

“Black beauty influencers are part of a long tradition of Black women who have used beauty as a form of resistance, expression, and empowerment,” Dr. Graham said. “They are building on the foundations that were laid by their predecessors, and taking advantage of the new technologies and platforms that are available to them. They are also creating new opportunities and possibilities for themselves and others in the beauty industry and beyond.”

The Future of Black Beauty Influencers: A Vision for Change

Dr. Graham’s book also offers a vision for the future of Black beauty influencers, as well as the beauty industry and culture as a whole. She said that she hopes that her book will inspire more people to recognize and appreciate the work and value of Black beauty influencers, and to support and collaborate with them.

She also said that she hopes that her book will encourage more Black women and girls to pursue their passions and dreams in the beauty industry, and to use their platforms and voices to create positive change in the world.

“I hope that my book will inspire more Black beauty influencers to keep doing what they are doing, and to keep pushing the boundaries and breaking the barriers in the beauty industry and culture,” Dr. Graham said. “I also hope that my book will inspire more Black women and girls to see themselves as beautiful, powerful, and worthy, and to use their beauty as a source of strength and joy. I hope that my book will contribute to a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable beauty industry and culture, where everyone can feel represented, respected, and celebrated.”

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