Baldur’s Gate 3 fans launch Karlach-inspired fundraiser for heart disease

A group of fans of the popular role-playing video game Baldur’s Gate 3 have started a fundraising campaign for the American Heart Association, inspired by the story of one of the game’s characters, Karlach. The campaign, called Karlach’s Fund For Heart Disease, aims to raise awareness and funds for the prevention and treatment of heart diseases, which affect millions of people worldwide.

Who is Karlach and why is she inspiring fans?

Karlach is a tiefling character that the player can encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3, a game developed by Larian Studios and currently in early access. The game is set in the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons, where tieflings are a race of humanoids with demonic ancestry and features.

Baldur’s Gate 3 fans launch Karlach-inspired fundraiser for heart disease
Baldur’s Gate 3 fans launch Karlach-inspired fundraiser for heart disease

Karlach reveals to the player that her heart has been replaced with an infernal engine, a device that grants her immense power but also slowly kills her. There is no way to save her from this fate, as removing the engine would also kill her. Despite her grim situation, Karlach is one of the most positive and compassionate characters in the game, showing a love for life and adventure.

Her story has touched many fans, who have expressed their admiration and sympathy for her on social media and forums. Some have even created fan art and mods to celebrate her character. One fan, who goes by the name of Raven, decided to do something more and set up a fundraiser for the American Heart Association in Karlach’s name.

How does the fundraiser work and what is its goal?

The fundraiser is hosted on the website of the American Heart Association, a nonprofit organization that funds cardiovascular research and education, as well as advocates for better health policies. The fundraiser page has a description of Karlach’s story and why it inspired Raven to start the campaign.

The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $500 by October 31, 2023, which coincides with the anniversary of Baldur’s Gate 3’s early access launch. As of September 22, 2023, the campaign has raised $314, with donations ranging from $5 to $50. Anyone can donate to the fundraiser by visiting the page and clicking on the “Donate” button.

Raven hopes that the fundraiser will not only help a good cause, but also honor Karlach’s character and spread her message of joy and kindness. “She really just loves the world that much, that she’s out here saving it not out of some imposed duty or personal self-righteousness, but out of sheer joy for everything in it,” Raven wrote on the fundraiser page. “It was devastating to realize that we can’t fight tooth, nail, talon, whatever you have to save her, in a world she wants to give so much to. And I guess, in an effort to process these feelings and defy her fate in a roundabout way (and in a way I’d like to think she’d approve of), I looked into and donated to heart disease charities, to assist some real life heroics!”

How has the Baldur’s Gate 3 community reacted to the fundraiser?

The fundraiser has received positive feedback from other Baldur’s Gate 3 fans, who have praised Raven for their initiative and generosity. Some have also shared their own stories of how Karlach has inspired them or how they have been affected by heart diseases.

The voice actor of Karlach, Samantha Béart, also expressed her support for the fundraiser on Twitter. She thanked Raven and the donors for their kindness and encouraged others to join them if they could. She also said that she was moved by how much Karlach has resonated with people and how they have used her story to make a difference in the real world.

The developers of Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios, have not yet commented on the fundraiser, but they have previously shown appreciation for their fan community and their creative contributions. They have also been actively updating and improving the game based on player feedback and suggestions.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is expected to leave early access and release its full version sometime in 2024. The game is available for PC and Stadia.

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