Apple Watch X may ditch the old band system, according to a leak

The Apple Watch X, the rumored high-end model of the Apple Watch lineup, may not be compatible with the existing bands that work with previous generations of the smartwatch. A leak from a reliable source claims that the new device will have a different band connection system, which could allow for more space for internal components or a larger battery.

The Apple Watch X is a speculated name for a new Apple Watch model that is expected to be announced at the upcoming “Far Out” event on Wednesday, September 7, 2023. The new watch is said to feature a more rugged design, with a possible flat display and a redesigned case that measures somewhere between 47mm and 48mm. The Apple Watch X is also rumored to have improved water resistance, shock resistance, and dust resistance, making it ideal for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Apple Watch X may ditch the old band system, according to a leak
Apple Watch X may ditch the old band system, according to a leak

Why would the Apple Watch X change the band system?

The Apple Watch has used the same band connection system since its debut in 2015. The system allows users to easily swap bands by sliding them in and out of the slots on the sides of the watch case. The system also ensures compatibility across different models and sizes of the Apple Watch, as well as with third-party bands.

However, according to a post on Weibo by the account “UnclePan”, who has shared accurate information in the past, the Apple Watch X will not be compatible with older Apple Watch bands. The reason for this change is that the new watch will have a more squared-off design, which will require a different band connection system. The leaker also suggests that the new bands will be slightly wider than the old ones, but the old bands will still fit the new watch.

The new band connection system could have some benefits for the Apple Watch X. For instance, it could free up some space inside the watch case, which could be used for a bigger battery or other internal components. It could also provide a more secure and stable fit for the watch, especially for activities that involve a lot of movement or impact. Additionally, it could allow Apple to introduce new types of bands that are specifically designed for the Apple Watch X and its target audience.

How will the Apple Watch X affect the Apple Watch lineup?

The Apple Watch X is not expected to replace the existing Apple Watch models, but rather to be an addition to the lineup. Apple is also expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 8 and an updated second-generation Apple Watch SE at the same event. The Series 8 is expected to keep the same design as the Series 7 but could feature battery life improvements and a new body temperature sensor. The Apple Watch SE is expected to get a minor update with a faster processor and a brighter display.

The Apple Watch X could appeal to a niche market of customers who want a more durable and premium Apple Watch. However, it could also alienate some customers who have invested in a collection of bands that will not work with the new watch. Moreover, it could create confusion and fragmentation in the Apple Watch ecosystem, as some bands will only work with certain models and sizes of the watch.

What are the other rumors about the Apple Watch X?

The Apple Watch X is still shrouded in mystery, as there are not many reliable leaks or reports about it. However, some of the other rumors that have circulated include:

  • The Apple Watch X could have a titanium or ceramic case, which are more resistant to scratches and corrosion than the aluminum or stainless steel cases of the other models.
  • The Apple Watch X could have a sapphire crystal display, which is more durable and scratch-resistant than the Ion-X glass display of the other models.
  • The Apple Watch X could have a blood pressure sensor, which could measure the force of blood against the walls of the arteries and detect hypertension or other cardiovascular issues.
  • The Apple Watch X could have a glucose sensor, which could monitor the blood sugar levels of diabetic users and alert them of any abnormal changes.
  • The Apple Watch X could have a microLED display, which is thinner, brighter, and more energy-efficient than the OLED display of the other models.

These rumors are not confirmed by any official sources, and should be taken with a grain of salt. The Apple Watch X may or may not have these features, or it may have other features that have not been leaked yet. The only way to find out for sure is to wait for the official announcement from Apple.

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