Apple Vision Pro: Developers Share Their Feedback on Digital Personas

Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset is expected to revolutionize the virtual and augmented reality experience with its cutting-edge features and design. One of the most intriguing aspects of the device is the ability to create a digital persona, a realistic avatar that represents the user in video calls and social interactions. Apple has been surveying developers who have access to the Vision Pro about their opinions on this feature, and some of the responses have been shared online.

What is a Digital Persona?

A digital persona is a custom, real-time animated avatar that is created by scanning the user’s face and hands with the Vision Pro’s cameras. The persona can track and mimic the user’s facial expressions and hand movements, making it more expressive and lifelike than a typical VR avatar. The persona can be integrated with FaceTime for visionOS, Apple’s operating system for the Vision Pro, to make video conferencing more immersive and engaging. Users can also customize their personas with different hairstyles, accessories, and outfits.

Apple Vision Pro: Developers Share Their Feedback on Digital Personas
Apple Vision Pro: Developers Share Their Feedback on Digital Personas

How Do Developers Feel About Their Personas?

Apple has been asking developers who have the Vision Pro to fill out a feedback survey about their personas. The survey includes questions such as:

  • How do you feel about your persona?
  • To what extent do you feel this persona represents your appearance?
  • To what extent do you feel your persona responds to your facial expressions?
  • What do you like most about your persona?
  • What do you like least about your persona?

One of the developers who shared the survey on Twitter said that he was very happy with his persona and that it looked very similar to him. He also praised the responsiveness and accuracy of the facial and hand tracking. However, he noted that he would like to have more options for customizing his persona, such as changing the skin tone, eye color, and facial features.

Another developer who commented on the tweet said that he was unhappy with his persona and that it did not resemble him at all. He said that his persona looked like a generic white male, even though he was Asian. He also complained that his persona had a weird smile and that it did not match his emotions. He said that he would prefer to use a cartoonish or stylized avatar instead of a realistic one.

What Are Apple’s Plans for Digital Personas?

Apple has not officially announced the Vision Pro or its features yet, but it is rumored that the device will launch in early 2024 for $3,500. The device will initially be available only in the United States, before expanding to other countries later. Apple hopes that digital personas will become a popular and innovative way of communicating and socializing in VR and AR environments. According to some reports, Apple is planning to make personas even more human-like in future updates of visionOS, by adding features such as voice modulation, eye contact, and spatial audio.

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