Apeiron: A New NFT Game That Rewards Players with ANIMA Tokens

Apeiron is a novel NFT game that combines the elements of god games and roguelite games with card-battling mechanics. The game, which runs on the Ethereum sidechain Ronin, has recently launched a play-to-airdrop campaign that allows players to earn ANIMA tokens, the native currency of the game, by completing various tasks and challenges.

Apeiron is a game that lets players create and customize their own gods and goddesses, and guide their followers through different worlds and scenarios. The game features a rich lore and mythology, as well as a diverse cast of characters and creatures. Players can collect and trade NFTs, such as god cards, relics, and artifacts, that enhance their gameplay and unlock new abilities and rewards.

The game is developed by Apeiron Studios, a team of experienced game developers and blockchain enthusiasts, who aim to create a unique and immersive gaming experience that leverages the power of NFTs and Web3. The game is powered by Ronin, an Ethereum sidechain that offers fast and cheap transactions, as well as interoperability with other popular NFT games, such as Axie Infinity and Pixels.

Apeiron: A New NFT Game That Rewards Players with ANIMA Tokens
Apeiron: A New NFT Game That Rewards Players with ANIMA Tokens

How to Earn ANIMA Tokens?

ANIMA tokens are the utility and governance tokens of the Apeiron ecosystem. They can be used to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, as well as to participate in the game’s governance and community. ANIMA tokens can also be staked to earn passive income and access exclusive content and features.

To celebrate the launch of the game, Apeiron has announced a play-to-airdrop campaign that will reward players with ANIMA tokens based on their engagement and performance in the game. The campaign will run until the token generation event (TGE) in February, when the tokens will be distributed to the eligible players.

The play-to-airdrop campaign consists of various tasks and activities that players can complete to earn airdrop points, which will be converted to ANIMA tokens at the TGE. Some of the tasks include:

  • Playing the battle demo of the game, which is available on the Epic Games Store and the Mavis Hub storefront.
  • Completing daily quests and rising up the leaderboards in the battle demo.
  • Minting and owning NFTs in the game, such as god cards, relics, and artifacts.
  • Participating in the closed beta test of the game, which will be available to selected players who own NFTs.
  • Interacting with the game’s social media presence, such as following, liking, commenting, and sharing posts on Twitter, Discord, and Medium.

The game’s official blog provides a detailed guide on how to earn airdrop points and track the progress. The game also features a referral system that allows players to invite their friends and earn extra points.

Why Play Apeiron?

Apeiron is a game that offers a unique and innovative gameplay experience that blends the genres of god games and roguelite games with card-battling mechanics. The game also leverages the potential of NFTs and Web3 to create a vibrant and dynamic gaming community that can benefit from the game’s economy and governance.

By playing Apeiron, players can not only enjoy a fun and immersive game, but also earn ANIMA tokens that can be used to enhance their gameplay and influence the game’s development. Apeiron is a game that rewards players for playing and engaging, and offers them a chance to become part of the game’s history and future.

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