AlUla to launch state-of-the-art music studio in Saudi Arabia

Film AlUla, the official film agency of Saudi Arabia, has announced that it will open a new music recording studio within its existing studio complex in June 2024. The studio will be equipped with the latest audio and recording technology, and will offer a 190 square meter studio space, a 47 square meter control room, and two isolation booths. The studio will also have catering facilities and a rack room.

The studio will cater to a variety of music genres and projects, such as film score production, music videos, orchestral work, and solo or group recordings. Film AlUla said that it had consulted with industry experts to design the studio, which will meet the highest international standards.

The studio is part of Film AlUla’s vision to become a one-stop destination for creatives in the region and beyond, and to support the development of the music sector in Saudi Arabia, which has seen a surge of activity and talent in recent years.

AlUla hosts annual Azimuth festival and Maraya concerts

AlUla, the historic region in northwest Saudi Arabia, is not only a stunning location for film and TV productions, but also a vibrant venue for music events and concerts. AlUla hosts the annual Azimuth festival, which features local and international artists from various genres, such as EDM, R&B, rock, and pop. In 2023, the festival was headlined by Peggy Gou, Jorja Smith, and Cairokee.

AlUla is also home to Maraya, a multi-purpose venue that can accommodate up to 500 people, and has hosted concerts by world-renowned performers, such as Alicia Keys, Andrea Bocelli, and James Blunt. Maraya, which means “mirror” in Arabic, is a stunning architectural marvel that reflects the surrounding desert landscape.

Saudi Arabia showcases its emerging music talent

Saudi Arabia has a rich and diverse music scene, which encompasses everything from traditional folk music to modern pop and rap. The country has launched several initiatives to foster and promote its music talent, such as the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture, the General Entertainment Authority, and the Music Commission.

Some of the notable Saudi artists who have gained attention and recognition across the Middle East and internationally include Sawsan Albahiti, The Saudi Arwa, Zena Emad, Aedh Yousef, and Dalia Mubarak. These artists represent the diversity and creativity of the Saudi music scene, and will benefit from the new opportunities and facilities that Film AlUla’s music studio will provide.

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