Skarmory Gets a Futuristic Mecha Makeover by a Pokemon Fan

Skarmory, the Armor Bird Pokemon, is one of the most popular Steel-type Pokemon in the franchise. It has a sleek metallic body and red feathers that can be used as swords. However, Skarmory has not appeared in the latest Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which introduced new Paradox forms for some Pokemon. A Pokemon fan decided to give Skarmory a Paradox form of its own, and the result is a stunning futuristic mecha design.

The fan artist who created the Paradox Skarmory is Delta1Dan, who posted their work on Reddit. Delta1Dan explained that they wanted to give Skarmory a more prehistoric look, as the Paradox forms in Pokemon Scarlet are based on ancient creatures. They also wanted to make Skarmory look more menacing and powerful, as it is a Steel and Flying dual-type Pokemon that can withstand many attacks.

Delta1Dan used various elements from Skarmory’s original design, such as the silver wings, the red feathers, and the sharp beak. However, they also added some new features, such as devil wings, layers of steel on the face and neck, and a long tail with two curved blades. The Paradox Skarmory looks like a futuristic mecha that could easily dominate the battlefield.

Skarmory Gets a Futuristic Mecha Makeover by a Pokemon Fan
Skarmory Gets a Futuristic Mecha Makeover by a Pokemon Fan

The Reaction of the Pokemon Community

The Paradox Skarmory received a lot of praise from the Pokemon community on Reddit. Many users commented on how cool and impressive the design was, and how they wished Skarmory would get a Paradox form in the official games. Some users also suggested names for the Paradox Skarmory, such as Scarlet Wings, Steelwing, or Skarmageddon.

The Paradox Skarmory also caught the attention of Game Rant, a website that covers video game news and reviews. Game Rant wrote an article about the fan creation, and compared it to another fan-made human form of Skarmory. Game Rant also noted that Skarmory has not appeared in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and hoped that it would return in the upcoming DLC, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

The Paradox Forms in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Paradox forms are a new feature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the ninth generation of Pokemon games. The Paradox forms are alternate forms of some Pokemon that have adapted to the harsh environment of Area Zero, a mysterious region that was discovered by Professor Willow. The Paradox forms have different appearances, types, abilities, and moves than their normal counterparts.

Some of the Paradox forms that have been revealed so far are:

  • Paradox Charizard, a Fire and Dragon-type Pokemon that resembles a wyvern.
  • Paradox Gyarados, a Water and Dark-type Pokemon that has a serpentine body and a horned head.
  • Paradox Tyranitar, a Rock and Ground-type Pokemon that has a dinosaur-like appearance and a rocky armor.
  • Paradox Gardevoir, a Psychic and Fairy-type Pokemon that has a graceful and elegant look and a flower-like dress.
  • Paradox Lucario, a Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon that has a more muscular and aggressive look and a metal collar.

The Paradox forms are one of the main attractions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as they offer a new way to experience the Pokemon world. The Paradox forms also have a deeper lore and connection to the story of the games, as they are related to the ancient secrets of Area Zero and the legendary Pokemon that reside there.

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