13-Year-Old Gamer Achieves the Impossible in Tetris

Tetris, the classic puzzle game that has captivated millions of players for over three decades, has been conquered by a 13-year-old boy. Willis Gibson, a Tetris enthusiast from California, has achieved the highest possible score in the game, making him the first person in the world to do so.

Tetris is a game where falling blocks of different shapes have to be arranged in a way that fills up horizontal lines without leaving any gaps. The game gets faster and harder as the player progresses, until the blocks reach the top of the screen and the game ends.

The highest possible score in Tetris is 999,999 points, which requires the player to clear 229 lines without making any mistakes. This is extremely difficult to do, as the game speed reaches 20G, meaning that the blocks fall instantly and leave no time for the player to react.

13-Year-Old Gamer Achieves the Impossible in Tetris
13-Year-Old Gamer Achieves the Impossible in Tetris

Willis Gibson, who goes by the online name of DogPlayingTetris, managed to pull off this feat on January 3, 2024, using an original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console and a CRT TV. He recorded his gameplay and uploaded it to YouTube, where it quickly went viral and attracted the attention of the Tetris community.

What does this mean for the Tetris world?

Willis Gibson’s achievement is a historic moment for the Tetris world, as it proves that the game can be beaten. Many Tetris players have tried to reach the maximum score for years, but none of them succeeded until now. Some of them even doubted that it was possible, as the game was not designed to be completed.

Willis Gibson’s accomplishment has earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow Tetris players, who congratulated him on his incredible skill and perseverance. He has also received recognition from the official Tetris company, which tweeted: “Congratulations to Willis Gibson for being the first person to ever beat Tetris! This is truly a remarkable achievement that will inspire generations of Tetris fans.”

Willis Gibson has also set a new world record for the highest score in Tetris, surpassing the previous record of 933,007 points, held by Joseph Saelee, a 16-year-old Tetris champion who won the Classic Tetris World Championship in 2020 and 2021.

Who is Willis Gibson?

Willis Gibson is a 13-year-old boy who lives in San Diego, California, with his parents and his younger brother, Michael. He is a seventh-grade student who enjoys playing video games, especially Tetris. He started playing Tetris when he was 10 years old, after watching his brother play it on YouTube.

Willis Gibson said that he loves Tetris because it is a challenging and rewarding game that requires concentration and strategy. He said that he practiced for hours every day, using online platforms like Jstris and Tetr.io, where he competed with other Tetris players from around the world. He also watched tutorials and videos from Tetris experts, such as Jonas Neubauer, a seven-time world champion who passed away in 2021.

Willis Gibson said that he was inspired by Joseph Saelee, who became the youngest Tetris world champion at the age of 16. He said that he wanted to follow his footsteps and achieve something great in Tetris. He said that he was very happy and proud of his achievement, and that he hopes to inspire other young Tetris players to pursue their dreams.

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