Warzone 2 players discover a hidden buff for all rifles with one attachment

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is a popular battle royale game that features a variety of weapons and attachments for players to customize their loadouts. However, some players have recently found out that one of the attachments is not working as intended, and instead of nerfing the rifles, it actually buffs them.

The attachment in question is the Overpressured ammunition, which is available for all rifles in Warzone 2. According to the in-game description, this attachment increases the damage range and bullet velocity of the rifles, but at the cost of reducing the accuracy and recoil control.

However, some players have noticed that the accuracy and recoil penalties are not applied in the game, and the rifles actually become more stable and accurate with the Overpressured ammunition. This makes the attachment a “cheat code” for all rifles, as it essentially gives them a free boost to their range and velocity without any drawbacks.

One of the players who discovered this hidden buff is Warzone 2 content creator Metaphor, who shared his findings on his YouTube channel. He tested the Overpressured ammunition on several rifles, such as the Vaznev, the Kastovia DX90, and the Zulu-60, and found that they all performed better with the attachment than without it.

Warzone 2 players discover a hidden buff for all rifles with one attachment
Warzone 2 players discover a hidden buff for all rifles with one attachment

He also compared the recoil patterns of the rifles with and without the Overpressured ammunition, and showed that the attachment did not increase the recoil at all, contrary to what the description says. He even claimed that some rifles, such as the Vaznev, had less recoil with the Overpressured ammunition than with other attachments that are supposed to improve the recoil control.

How to use the Overpressured ammunition to dominate in Warzone 2

Metaphor goes on to suggest that you should be using this attachment on every single rifle in your Warzone 2 inventory. If the Vaznev is not your SMG of choice, make sure to use the Overpressured ammunition on your favorite rifle to take advantage of this secret change.

He also recommends using the Overpressured ammunition with other attachments that improve the accuracy and recoil control of the rifles, such as the VDD Thumbhole Stock, the Fennec Rubber Grip, and the EXF Solarflare Laser. This way, you can maximize the stability and range of your rifles, and dominate your enemies in long-range battles.

Metaphor is not the only one who has noticed this hidden buff for the rifles. Other Warzone 2 players and content creators have also confirmed that the Overpressured ammunition is a game-changer for the rifles, and have been using it in their loadouts.

However, this attachment may not last long in its current state, as it is clearly not working as intended. The developers of Warzone 2 may soon fix this bug and nerf the Overpressured ammunition, so you should enjoy it while you can.

Why are some Warzone 2 attachments broken?

The Overpressured ammunition is not the only attachment that is broken in Warzone 2. Several other attachments have been found to have hidden or incorrect stats that do not match their in-game descriptions.

For example, the Flash Hider Muzzle and the Unmarked Perk are supposed to conceal your position on the mini-map, but they do not. The Shrouded Perk is supposed to hide your scope glint, but it does not. The Focus Perk is supposed to reduce your flinch when taking damage, but it does not.

These broken attachments have been frustrating Warzone 2 players, as they can affect the performance and viability of their weapons. Some players have also accused the developers of being lazy and incompetent, as they have not fixed these bugs for a long time.

However, some players have also defended the developers, and argued that Warzone 2 is a complex game with many variables and factors that can affect the attachments and their stats. They have also pointed out that the developers have been busy with other issues and updates, such as the Warzone Pacific Season 2 and the new map.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that Warzone 2 players need to be careful and vigilant when choosing their attachments, and not rely on the in-game descriptions alone. They should also use reliable sources and tools, such as sym.gg, to check the actual stats and effects of the attachments, and find the best loadouts for their weapons.

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