Shalom Aleichem’s “Stempenyu” Debuts at Tel Aviv’s Beit Lessin Theatre

In a captivating revival of the 2012 play by the late Edna Mazia, Tel Aviv’s Beit Lessin Theatre brings to life the enchanting world of “Stempenyu.” Adapted from the 1888 Yiddish novel by Sholem Aleichem (Solomon Rabinovich), this production employs several artistic strategies to cope with the challenge of portraying a Torah-oriented life on stage.

Set in a shtetl (a small Jewish town) in Eastern Europe, “Stempenyu” follows the life of Jonas Stempenyu, a charismatic violinist. His music weaves together joy, longing, and tradition, resonating with the hearts of the community. When Jonas plays the missing violin on stage, we are transported to the very origins of Hebrew myth and faith.

The Artistic Journey

The play masterfully combines humor, mysticism, and historic documentation of shtetl life. As the characters grapple with love, identity, and tradition, the audience is drawn into a world where strings—both musical and metaphorical—pull at the fabric of existence.

Stempenyu at Beit Lessin

Don’t miss this unique theatrical experience. “Stempenyu” at Beit Lessin will be offered with English subtitles on Wednesday, June 26, at 8:30 p.m. The performance runs for 90 minutes without an intermission, allowing the audience to immerse themselves fully in the magic of Stempenyu’s world.

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