Spotify’s RADAR Program Showcases New Stories and Sounds from Global Creators

Spotify, the world’s leading audio streaming platform, has launched a new campaign to celebrate and promote its RADAR program, which supports emerging artists, songwriters, and podcasters from around the world. The campaign features a new look, a new global hub, and new exclusive content that showcases the stories and sounds of the next generation of creators.

What is RADAR?

RADAR is Spotify’s global emerging-artist program that was launched in 2020 to spotlight rising talent from different regions and genres. The program provides creators with a global platform to help grow their careers and reach new and existing fans through bespoke social content, marketing, and editorial opportunities. Since its inception, RADAR has featured over 700 artists across 183 countries, generating more than 2 billion streams on Spotify.

Spotify’s RADAR Program Showcases New Stories and Sounds from Global Creators
Spotify’s RADAR Program Showcases New Stories and Sounds from Global Creators

Some of the RADAR alumni include Alaina Castillo (U.S.), J.I The Prince of N.Y (U.S.), Young T and Bugsey (U.K.), August Wahh (PH), Lous and the Yakuza (FR), Silvana Estrada (MX), Agnes Nunes (BR), Zoe Wees (DE), Feng Suave (NL), Rina Sawayama (JP), and merci, mercy (AU).

What’s new with RADAR?

To best represent the wide breadth of RADAR and strengthen its commitment to bringing emerging talent to the forefront, Spotify has introduced a new paper cutout visual identity that graces the program’s global collection of playlists, as well as billboards, platform marketing, and social content. The new look aims to bring rich storytelling to the mix, in addition to a prominent feature on the RADAR playlists.

With videos that show who tomorrow’s stars are, what inspires them, and what keeps them going, listeners can step into the world of their new favorite creators. For example, listeners can watch a video of Brazilian singer Agnes Nunes as she talks about her musical influences and her collaboration with rapper Xamã.

Spotify has also launched a new on-platform RADAR hub, where listeners can find the full artist lineup from the program, their newest releases, and a wide range of content, including 22 region- and genre-specific playlists and original exclusive content. The hub is the one-stop destination for discovering what’s next in sound, from Brazil to Japan to Germany to New Zealand and beyond.

How can I access RADAR?

To access RADAR, simply open Spotify and search for “RADAR” in the app. You will see the new global hub with all the content related to the program. You can also follow your favorite RADAR artists, playlists, and podcasts to stay updated on their latest releases and stories.

You can also check out Spotify’s social media channels for more RADAR content, such as interviews, performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and more. Follow Spotify on Instagram (@spotify), Twitter (@Spotify), Facebook (@Spotify), and YouTube (Spotify) to join the conversation and support the future of music, songwriting, and podcasting.

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