Saudi Arabia Soars to 16th in Global Competitiveness

In a remarkable leap forward, Saudi Arabia has ascended to the 16th position in the World Competitiveness Index of 2024. This advancement is a testament to the Kingdom’s relentless pursuit of economic diversification and its robust development strategies.

Saudi Arabia’s climb from the 17th to the 16th spot in just one year is a clear indicator of its growing influence on the global stage. The Kingdom’s strategic reforms, particularly in business legislation and infrastructure, have significantly contributed to this success.

The nation’s progress is even more impressive considering its ranking of 24th in 2022 and 32nd in 2021. Such rapid advancement underscores the effectiveness of Saudi Arabia’s economic policies and its commitment to fostering a competitive business environment.

A Strategic Vision for Competitiveness

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 has been a driving force behind its improved competitiveness. By focusing on economic diversification away from oil, Saudi Arabia has bolstered its position in several key areas, including technology, tourism, and renewable energy.

These efforts have not only enhanced the nation’s competitiveness but also positioned it as a leader among G20 countries, where it now ranks fourth.

Global Recognition and Future Prospects

Saudi Arabia’s achievement is recognized globally, reflecting the country’s dedication to creating a dynamic and thriving economy. The World Competitiveness Index serves as a barometer for economic success, and Saudi Arabia’s position indicates strong potential for future growth.

As the Kingdom continues to implement its strategic vision, it is poised to climb even higher in the rankings, setting an example for economic transformation and competitiveness on the world stage.

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