Saudi Arabia showcases its tourism potential at ITB Berlin

Saudi Arabia, the world’s fastest-growing tourism destination in the G20, is making a strong impression at ITB Berlin, the leading travel trade show in Germany. The country, which opened its borders to international tourists for the first time in 2023, is presenting its rich heritage, culture, and nature to the global audience.

The Saudi Tourism Authority (STA), the official body responsible for promoting tourism in the kingdom, is leading the Saudi delegation at ITB Berlin. The STA is hosting a press conference on Tuesday, March 5, from 11:45 to 12:30 on the Hybrid Stage in Hall 5.3, where it will share its latest achievements and future plans for the sector.

The STA is also staging a massive exhibit in multiple Halls 4.2 200, 202, and 205, where visitors can experience the diverse attractions and offerings of Saudi Arabia. The exhibit features interactive zones, cultural performances, culinary delights, and virtual reality tours of the country’s stunning landscapes and historic sites.

The STA’s role is to drive forward the country’s tourism industry through awareness-raising campaigns and to provide a comprehensive array of information and resources for travelers to plan and enjoy unforgettable journeys. The STA’s vision is to make Saudi Arabia, the authentic home of Arabia, a leading global destination for tourism and culture.

Saudi Arabia offers a variety of experiences for travelers

Saudi Arabia is a land of contrasts, where ancient meets modern, tradition meets innovation, and desert meets sea. The country boasts six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the rock-carved city of AlUla, the historic town of Diriyah, and the cultural oasis of Al-Ahsa. It also has a diverse natural topography, from the towering mountains of Asir to the coral reefs of the Red Sea, and from the golden dunes of the Empty Quarter to the green oases of Al-Jouf.

Saudi Arabia is also home to the two holiest cities in Islam, Makkah and Madinah, which attract millions of pilgrims every year. The country offers a range of services and facilities for pilgrims, such as the Nusuk platform, an integrated digital platform that facilitates seamless Umrah journeys.

In addition, Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in developing new tourism projects that will enhance its appeal and competitiveness. These include the Red Sea Development, a mega project that will create a luxury destination on the pristine coast of the Red Sea, the Qiddiya Entertainment City, a leisure and entertainment hub near Riyadh, and the NEOM, a futuristic city that will showcase the latest innovations in technology, sustainability, and livability.

Saudi Arabia welcomes visitors with ease and hospitality

Saudi Arabia has made significant efforts to improve its accessibility and hospitality for international visitors. In 2023, the country launched its first-ever tourism visa, allowing citizens from 49 countries to apply online or on arrival for a visa that is valid for one year and multiple entries. The country also expanded its visa-on-arrival scheme to include Schengen, UK, and US residents, and introduced a free stopover visa for transiting travelers flying Saudia or Flynas.

Saudi Arabia has also upgraded its infrastructure and connectivity, with new hotels, cultural heritage sites, roads, and airports. The country has airline connections to 140 cities worldwide, including more than 30 in Europe. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has enhanced its quality standards and regulations, as well as its training and development programs, to ensure a high level of service and satisfaction for tourists.

Saudi Arabia is a country that is eager to share its stories, values, and traditions with the world, and to welcome visitors with open hearts and open minds. As the country’s slogan says, “Visit Saudi. Be our guest”.

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