PulluP Entertainment: The New Name of Focus Entertainment

The French publisher, formerly known as Focus Entertainment, has revealed its new name and logo: PulluP Entertainment. The rebranding will take effect in April 2024, and will be accompanied by a new corporate strategy and structure. The company claims that the new name reflects its ambition to “push the boundaries of entertainment and innovation”.

According to the company’s press release, PulluP is a palindrome, meaning it can be read both forwards and backwards. The company says that this symbolizes its “ability to adapt to any situation and to offer diverse and original experiences to all audiences”. The company also says that the name PulluP is “easy to remember, catchy and international”.

The company’s new logo features a stylized P with a curved line that forms a loop. The company says that the loop represents “the continuous dialogue between the company and its partners, as well as the endless possibilities of entertainment”. The logo also uses a gradient of colors that evoke “creativity, dynamism and diversity”.

PulluP Entertainment: The New Name of Focus Entertainment
PulluP Entertainment: The New Name of Focus Entertainment

What will change?

The rebranding of Focus Entertainment to PulluP Entertainment is part of a larger transformation of the company’s business model and organization. The company will be divided into three distinct divisions: PulluP Entertainment Publishing, The Arcade Crew and Studios Division.

  • PulluP Entertainment Publishing will be the dedicated publishing arm of the company, working with external developers to bring innovative and diverse games to the market. The company says that it will focus on “quality, originality and diversity” and will support its partners with “marketing, communication, distribution and financing”.
  • The Arcade Crew will be a sub-label of PulluP Entertainment Publishing, specializing in smaller and retro-inspired games. The company says that it will target “niche and passionate audiences” and will offer “creative freedom and artistic vision” to its developers.
  • Studios Division will be the internal development branch of the company, comprising seven studios across Europe. The company says that it will invest in “talent, technology and new IPs” and will aim to create “premium and ambitious games”. Some of the studios under the Studios Division are Deck13, Streum On Studio and Asobo Studio.

What will remain?

Despite the rebranding, the company says that it will not abandon its existing IPs and franchises. The company says that it will continue to support and develop games such as A Plague Tale, Evil West, The Surge, GreedFall and Call of Cthulhu. The company also says that it will announce new projects and partnerships in the coming months.

The company also says that it will keep its values and vision of “creating and delivering original and high-quality games that offer the best gaming experience to all players”. The company says that it will remain “independent, agile and ambitious” and will strive to “make a difference in the gaming industry”.

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