Android 14 update causes serious issues for some Pixel 6 users

Some Pixel 6 users who have updated their devices to the new Android 14 OS are facing major problems, such as losing access to their internal storage and experiencing frequent crashes. The issue seems to affect users who have multiple profiles on their devices, and there is no official fix from Google yet.

Android 14 update launched on October 4th

The Android 14 update was officially launched on October 4th for Pixel devices, along with Google’s new Pixel 8 smartphones. The update brought several new features and improvements to the UI, such as Material You design, Live Space widgets, and enhanced privacy controls.

Android 14 update causes serious issues for some Pixel 6 users
Android 14 update causes serious issues for some Pixel 6 users

However, not all Pixel users are enjoying the benefits of the new OS. Some Pixel 6 users have reported strange issues after updating their devices to Android 14, which have rendered their phones unusable.

Multiple profiles seem to trigger the issue

According to user reports on Reddit and Google’s Pixel Phone Help forum, the common factor among the affected users is that they have multiple profiles on their Pixel 6 devices. A profile is a way of creating separate spaces for different users or purposes on a single device, such as for work or personal use.

Some users have reported that they received “storage is full” errors after rebooting their devices following the Android 14 update, while others said they lost access to their internal storage entirely. This means that they cannot access their photos, videos, documents, or any other data stored on their devices.

Other users have also experienced repeated UI launcher crashes, which prevent them from using their home screens or apps. Some users have also reported that they cannot use the camera app or other essential functions.

No official response or solution from Google yet

The Verge first reported on the issue after receiving a tip from a reader. The publication also tried to reproduce the issue on a Pixel 6A device by creating a new profile and running software updates. While they did not encounter the storage issue, they did experience multiple crashes and a “System UI isn’t responding” error.

The Verge reached out to Google for comment on the issue, but did not receive a response by the time of publication. It is unclear how widespread the issue is, or whether it affects other Pixel models or Android 14 devices.

Some users have suggested possible workarounds, such as switching to the secondary profile, deleting the secondary profile, or factory resetting the device. However, these solutions are not guaranteed to work, and may result in further data loss or inconvenience.

Users are advised to wait for an official fix from Google

The issue is a serious one, as it affects the basic functionality and usability of the Pixel 6 devices. Users who have multiple profiles on their devices are advised to avoid updating to Android 14 until Google releases an official fix or statement.

Users who have already updated and are facing the issue are advised to back up their data if possible, and contact Google support for assistance. Hopefully, Google will address the issue soon and provide a solution for the affected users.

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