Paint Gets a New Feature to Remove Backgrounds Automatically

Microsoft is testing a new feature in Paint that allows users to remove the background of any image with a single click. The feature is currently available to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels (version 11.2306.30.0) and is expected to roll out to the public soon.

How Does the Background Removal Tool Work?

The background removal tool in Paint is designed to make image editing easier and faster. Users can simply open an image with Paint and click on the background removal button on the left side of the toolbar. Paint will then automatically detect the subject of the image and cut away the background, leaving a smooth cutout.

Users can also manually select the portion of the background that they want to remove using the rectangle select tool. This can help refine the results and adjust the edges of the cutout.

Paint Gets a New Feature to Remove Backgrounds Automatically
Paint Gets a New Feature to Remove Backgrounds Automatically

The background removal tool can be useful for creating transparent images, stickers, memes, logos, and more. Users can also combine it with other features in Paint, such as cropping, resizing, rotating, and adding text.

Why Is Microsoft Adding This Feature to Paint?

Paint is one of the oldest and most popular apps in Windows. It was first introduced in 1985 and has been updated several times over the years. However, it has always been a simple and basic app that lacks advanced features and tools.

Microsoft has been trying to modernize and improve Paint in recent years. In 2017, it launched Paint 3D, a new app that lets users create and edit 3D models and scenes. However, Paint 3D did not replace the original Paint app, which remained available as a separate app.

In 2021, Microsoft announced that it was redesigning Paint for Windows 11, adding a dark mode, new icons, and a simplified interface. The new design was also meant to make Paint more accessible and consistent with other Windows apps.

The background removal tool is another step in enhancing Paint’s functionality and usability. It shows that Microsoft is listening to user feedback and adding features that are in demand. It also demonstrates that Microsoft is not abandoning Paint, but rather investing in its development and evolution.

What Are Some Other Features That Users Want in Paint?

The background removal tool is not the only feature that users have been asking for in Paint. According to a survey conducted by Windows Central in 2020, some of the most requested features are:

  • Layers: Users want to be able to create and edit multiple layers in Paint, similar to Photoshop or GIMP. This would allow them to work on different parts of an image without affecting the rest.
  • Undo/Redo History: Users want to be able to undo or redo multiple actions in Paint, instead of just one. This would allow them to correct mistakes or experiment with different effects.
  • Text-to-Image Generator: Users want to be able to generate images from text inputs in Paint, similar to Google’s OpenAI or Microsoft’s CaptionBot. This would allow them to create custom images based on their own words or phrases.
  • Color Picker: Users want to be able to pick colors from any part of the screen or image in Paint, instead of just from a predefined palette. This would allow them to match colors more accurately or create more diverse color schemes.

Microsoft has not confirmed whether it will add any of these features to Paint in the future, but it has hinted that it is working on a text-to-image generator that could be integrated with Paint.

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