OWC Drive Speed: A New App for iPhone Videographers

OWC, a company known for its computer hardware, accessories, and software, has launched a new app for iOS users who need to monitor and optimize video transfers between their iPhone and external drives. The app, called OWC Drive Speed, is designed to help videographers capture high-quality video without worrying about storage limitations or dropped frames.

OWC Drive Speed is a free app that can measure and verify the video data transfer rates and storage limits of external storage devices connected to an iPhone. The app supports a wide range of devices, including SSDs, USB drives, and memory card readers. It also supports the new feature of the iPhone 15 Pro that allows users to record directly to external SSD media while capturing high-bitrate video.

To use the app, users simply open it, select their storage destination, and choose the test parameters that suit their workflow. They can customize the video format, frames per second, and duration. The app then shows the live results of the transfer speed and the estimated storage capacity needed for the selected settings.

OWC Drive Speed: A New App for iPhone Videographers

The app also allows users to track and analyze their historical transfer speeds over time. They can save their results with different settings and drives to help them optimize their workflow. Moreover, they can export and share their speed data with colleagues or friends for troubleshooting or collaboration purposes.

Why OWC Drive Speed Is Useful

OWC Drive Speed is a useful app for iPhone videographers who want to ensure seamless and efficient file exchanges between their phone and external storage. The app can help them avoid losing frames or quality due to slow or incompatible devices. It can also help them plan ahead and estimate the storage capacity they need for their projects.

The app can also provide suggestions on how to improve video transfers, especially when using compact storage solutions like the OWC Envoy Elektron portable SSD, the OWC Envoy Pro mini thumb drive, and OWC cables. These products are designed to offer fast and reliable performance for mobile video production.

OWC Drive Speed is compatible with iPhones running iOS 17 and later, and Macs with Apple M1 chip or later running macOS 14.0 Sonoma or later. The app is available for free on the App Store.

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