Oinkologne: The New Star of Pokemon GO Battle League

Oinkologne, the Normal-type Pokemon from the Paldea region, has made its debut in Pokemon GO as part of the A Paldean Adventure event. This Pokemon has two different forms depending on its gender, and each form has different stats and abilities. But which form is better for the Pokemon GO Battle League? This article will compare the male and female Oinkologne and analyze their performance in the PvP mode.

Male vs Female Oinkologne: Stats and Moves

Oinkologne is the evolved form of Lechonk, which can be found in the wild during the A Paldean Adventure event. Lechonk evolves into Oinkologne at level 25, and its gender determines its final form. Male Oinkologne has higher Attack, while female Oinkologne has higher Defense and Stamina.

Oinkologne: The New Star of Pokemon GO Battle League
Oinkologne: The New Star of Pokemon GO Battle League

Here are their stats and moves in Pokemon GO:

Gender Attack Defense Stamina Fast Attacks Charged Attacks
Male 186 153 242 Tackle, Take Down Body Slam, Trailblaze, Dig
Female 169 162 252 Tackle, Take Down Body Slam, Trailblaze, Dig

The best moveset for both forms of Oinkologne is Tackle as the fast attack and Body Slam and Trailblaze as the charged attacks. Body Slam is a powerful Normal-type move that charges quickly and can deal significant damage or force shields. Trailblaze is a unique Fire-type move that Oinkologne can learn, which has a chance to lower the opponent’s Defense by one stage.

Female Oinkologne: The Better Choice for PvP

Female Oinkologne is the ideal choice for Pokemon GO PvP, as it has more bulk than its male counterpart. This allows it to survive longer and deal more damage over the course of a match. Female Oinkologne is also more suited for the Great and Ultra League formats, where there is a CP cap of 1,500 and 2,500 respectively. Male Oinkologne reaches the CP cap at a lower level, which means it has lower defenses and HP at that level.

Female Oinkologne can compete with some of the top Pokemon in the Great and Ultra League, such as Registeel, Cresselia, Scrafty, Obstagoon, Alolan Ninetales, Trevenant, Walrein, and more. It can also resist Ghost-type attacks, which are common in these formats. Female Oinkologne’s main weaknesses are Fighting-type and Water-type Pokemon, which can deal super effective damage to it.

The ideal IVs for female Oinkologne for the Great League are 0/14/15, and for the Ultra League are 0/15/15. These IVs maximize its bulk and minimize its Attack, which helps it reach a higher level under the CP cap.

How to Get Oinkologne in Pokemon GO

Oinkologne is part of the A Paldean Adventure event, which runs from September 5 to September 19, 2023. During this event, players can encounter Lechonk in the wild or hatch it from 5 km eggs. Lechonk can also be shiny, which means players have a chance to get a shiny Oinkologne as well.

To evolve Lechonk into Oinkologne, players need to use 50 Lechonk candies. The gender of Lechonk will determine the form of Oinkologne. Players can check the gender of their Lechonk by looking at its tail: male Lechonk have a curly tail, while female Lechonk have a straight tail.

Oinkologne is a new addition to the Pokemon GO roster, and it has potential to be a strong contender in the Battle League. Players who want to try out this Pokemon should look for female Oinkologne with high Defense and Stamina IVs. With its unique moveset and decent stats, female Oinkologne can surprise many opponents and win battles.

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