Nia Jax returns to WWE and injures two stars in a vicious attack

Nia Jax, one of the most dominant and powerful women in WWE history, made a shocking return to Monday Night Raw last week. She interrupted the Women’s World Championship match between Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez, and unleashed her fury on both competitors. She left them with serious injuries that were confirmed by WWE on the latest episode of Raw.

Jax had been absent from WWE since the Royal Rumble in January, where she was eliminated by Ripley. She had been training and staying ready for a call from WWE, and she also hinted at seeking revenge on Ripley for her elimination. She finally got her chance to face Ripley, but not in a fair match. She attacked her from behind after the match was over, and delivered a brutal headbutt and a leg drop to the champion.

Nia Jax returns to WWE and injures two stars in a vicious attack
Nia Jax returns to WWE and injures two stars in a vicious attack

Rhea Ripley suffers bruised ribs, Raquel Rodriguez suffers whiplash

The attack by Jax was not only vicious, but also effective. WWE announced that Ripley had suffered bruised ribs, and Rodriguez had suffered whiplash from the assault. Both stars will need time to recover from their injuries, and their status for future matches is uncertain.

Ripley had successfully defended her title against Rodriguez, who was making her Raw debut after being drafted from NXT. Rodriguez had impressed with her power and agility, but she was no match for Jax, who blindsided her during the match. Jax tossed her around the ring like a ragdoll, and slammed her onto the steel steps.

Nia Jax sets her sights on the Women’s World Championship

The message from Jax was clear: she is back and she wants the Women’s World Championship. She has held the title twice before, and she is not afraid to hurt anyone who stands in her way. She has proven herself as one of the most formidable opponents for any woman in WWE, and she has also formed alliances with other influential stars like Shayna Baszler and Alexa Bliss.

Jax will have to contend with other challengers for the title, such as Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, Nikki A.S.H., and Becky Lynch. However, she has shown that she can overcome any odds with her strength and resilience. She has also shown that she can be ruthless and unpredictable with her actions.

Who will stop Nia Jax?

Nia Jax has made a huge impact with her return to WWE, and she has also made a lot of enemies. She has injured two of the top women in WWE, and she has also challenged the authority of WWE officials. She has shown no remorse or regret for her actions, and she has also shown no fear or respect for anyone.

Jax has established herself as a major threat to the Women’s World Championship, and to anyone who crosses her path. She has also raised a lot of questions about her motives and goals. What does she want from WWE? Why did she target Ripley and Rodriguez? How far will she go to get what she wants?

The answers to these questions will be revealed in the coming weeks, as Jax continues her rampage on Raw. However, one thing is certain: Nia Jax is back, and no one is safe.

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