National Automobile Museum in Reno attracts visitors with new and different displays

The National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada, is one of the top ten automobile museums in America and the number one museum in Reno. It has more than 200 cars from different eras and styles, as well as authentic street scenes and sounds that bring the displays to life. But the museum is not just a place to admire the past, it is also a place to experience the present and the future.

Speed Racer, Magnum PI, and Back to the Future cars on display

The museum has recently added some iconic cars from popular culture to its collection, such as the Speed Racer car, a Mach 5, from the cartoon series of the same name. The car is a replica of the one used in the 2008 live-action movie adaptation. Phil MacDougall, President of the National Automobile Museum, said that the car has a nostalgic appeal for many people who grew up watching the show.

National Automobile Museum in Reno attracts visitors with new and different displays
National Automobile Museum in Reno attracts visitors with new and different displays

Another car that has a lot of fans is the Ferrari 308 GTS driven by Tom Selleck in the TV series Magnum PI. The car is one of the most recognizable Ferraris ever made and was featured in many episodes of the show. The museum also has the 1974 Dodge Monaco from the Blues Brothers movie, which was used in several chase scenes and stunts.

One of the most futuristic cars in the museum is the DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy. The car was modified with a flux capacitor and other gadgets to enable time travel. The museum has one of three 24 kt gold plated DeLoreans that were built for American Express.

These cars will be on display until the end of the year, and MacDougall said that they are part of the museum’s strategy to keep visitors coming back. He said that they want to appeal to a wider audience and change things as often as possible.

New outdoor patio, movie theatre, and gift shop

The museum has also invested $3 million in renovating its facilities and adding new features. One of them is an outdoor patio with a fire pit and a seating area for group activities or community events. The patio can accommodate up to 300 people and can be rented for private parties or corporate functions.

Another new feature is an indoor movie theatre that can seat up to 120 people. The theatre can be used for watching movies related to cars or history, or for hosting presentations or lectures. The theatre can also be rented out for private screenings or events.

The museum’s gift shop has also been revamped with new merchandise and souvenirs. One of the most popular items is a Barbie car that is a replica of a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible. The car is pink and has a Barbie license plate. MacDougall said that the car has been a big hit this summer with children and adults alike.

Upcoming events and exhibits

The museum is not only a place to see cars, but also a place to learn about history and culture. The museum hosts various events and exhibits throughout the year that showcase different aspects of automotive history and innovation.

One of them is Halloween night, where up to 3,000 kids will show up for a safe trick or treat. The museum will have candy stations and decorations for the occasion.

Another event is a tribute to veterans in November, where the museum will display Pershing’s Jeep, General Patton’s car, and MacArthur’s car, along with other historical items. The exhibit will honor the contributions of military personnel and vehicles in various wars and conflicts.

The museum is also planning to have an exhibit on electric cars in December, where it will showcase some of the latest models and technologies in this field. The exhibit will explore the benefits and challenges of electric vehicles and their impact on the environment and society.

The National Automobile Museum is a place where one can step into history, keep current, and go back to the future all at the same time. It is a place where car enthusiasts and casual visitors alike can find something to enjoy and appreciate.

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