Ministry of Finance: State guarantee for massive – put the lid on

On those facets, the country’s financial dangers are dealt with – for instance, the loans which have been guaranteed. The biggest domestic sums right here are loans that Finn vera has paid out to the export zone and the country housing fund that supports house production. The total quantity that the kingdom ensures is over fifty billion euros – then we also anticipate loans thru the EU’s crisis mechanism EFSF.


“The curve rises too steep”
But greater applicable is that the sum in terms of gross domestic product has risen annually for over five years.

And when requested in case you need to be involved, you at the least solution “sure” to the Ministry of Finance.

– We do not clearly query individual assure decisions, but the total amount has grown too speedy and too steep, says Finance Minister Pauli Kariniemi.

In addition, Ministry of Finance officials think that the risks aren’t constantly unfold out sufficient – there are too many eggs in a basket to talk investor slang.

The chance is therefore that loans can’t be repaid. Then the country, ie the taxpayers, could be accountable for the violins that emerge as unpaid.

Is happiness the ambitious bee?
But if there may be a threat, there is also a reward – and for more than one years the praise has been that the export extent grows with healthful figures and continues so in keeping with forecasts. If you had been greater frugal about happening bail, it would have been extraordinary, says Kariniemi

If you examine Finn vera, for example, a few orders to our shipping agencies could probable have gone overseas alternatively.

Ministry of Finance: it really is enough now
But now it is time to calm down, the Ministry of Finance believes – and also the National Audit Office for that remember.

One answer can be to surely set a ceiling on the sum – this is what you do when it comes to imperative authorities debt and fiscal coverage, says Kariniemi.

-It might be properly in case you looked at surety bonds inside the identical way as you look at different authorities spending.The trouble then can be that top investments can be undone because you have reached the ceiling. There is a trade-off between risk and praise, however it is up to the Riks dag to decide. In Tuesday’s plenary session , it is able to properly be that the nation’s guarantee coverage also comes below scrutiny.

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