Lost Skies: A New Survival Adventure Game Powered by coherence

Lost Skies is a new 1-6 player survival adventure game that will be published by Humble Games and developed by Bossa Games, the creators of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread. The game will use coherence, a revolutionary multiplayer network engine, to enable cooperative gameplay in an open world of floating islands.

What is Lost Skies about?

Lost Skies is a game where players work together to find and craft ancient technology, build their own skyship and brave ferocious storms while exploring a shattered world of floating islands. The game features a physics-based grappling hook, gliders, free climbing ability and more mobility options to traverse the skies. Players can also engage in epic boss fights against giant flying enemies.

Lost Skies: A New Survival Adventure Game Powered by coherence
Lost Skies: A New Survival Adventure Game Powered by coherence

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious event called the Shattering has broken the planet into pieces. The survivors live on the remnants of the old world, scavenging for resources and secrets. The game will have an ever-expanding world with unique, hand-crafted islands filled with combat, discovery and puzzling ancient technology to decipher.

How does coherence enable multiplayer in Lost Skies?

coherence is a network engine designed to change the way multiplayer games are developed. It allows developers to create large-scale, persistent and dynamic online worlds without coding or managing servers. coherence also provides tools for creating custom gameplay logic, synchronizing data and handling network traffic.

coherence initially provided services only on its own managed server infrastructure, but the recent 1.0 launch extends its multiplayer enablement to local and client-to-client networking. Bossa Games is using this functionality for Lost Skies, providing a high-quality solo or multiplayer experience which is hosted by the players.

This means that Lost Skies is not dependent on any cloud or third party hosting service, and players will be able to benefit from coherence’s powerful multiplayer enablement in the confidence that their game is hosted independently and can be enjoyed for the long term, without the complexity or cost of a cloud-hosted managed service.

How does coherence help create a huge open world in Lost Skies?

coherence also helps Bossa Games to offer players a huge, explorable open world in Lost Skies. coherence’s World Origin Shifting – a technique allowing developers to build larger game worlds than traditional methods and game engines allows – allows game objects to be positioned precisely, relative to the player, over huge distances in the game world.

Lost Skies encourages exploration both solo and in teams across a world of floating islands, and coherence’s technology empowers Bossa to make that world as large as it needs to be to provide the ideal experience and challenge for many different team sizes, skyship designs and adventuring strategies, without limits.

When will Lost Skies be released?

Lost Skies is expected to launch in 2024 for PC and consoles. The game will be published by Humble Games, an indie games label that supports creative developers with funding, publishing expertise and marketing resources.

The announcement of another high-profile studio using coherence’s network engine highlights the strong start coherence has made in its mission to redefine how multiplayer games are made. coherence has already partnered with several indie developers such as Nolla Games (Noita), Shedworks (Sable) and Free Lives (Broforce) to create innovative online games.

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