Kibbutz Pool Lifeguard Was a Terrorist in Disguise

A shocking revelation has emerged that a lifeguard who worked at a kibbutz pool in southern Israel was actually a terrorist who planned to carry out an attack on the kibbutz residents. The lifeguard, identified as Muhammad Abu Adra, was killed by Israeli security forces on Monday after he opened fire at them near the Gaza border.

How the Terrorist Infiltrated the Kibbutz

According to reports, Abu Adra was a member of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, which is backed by Iran and operates in the Gaza Strip. He managed to infiltrate Israel through a tunnel that was dug under the border fence. He then disguised himself as a Bedouin and obtained an Israeli ID card and a work permit. He used these documents to find a job as a lifeguard at the kibbutz pool, where he worked for about two months.

Kibbutz Pool Lifeguard Was a Terrorist in Disguise
Kibbutz Pool Lifeguard Was a Terrorist in Disguise

During this time, he gathered intelligence on the kibbutz and its security arrangements, and planned to carry out a shooting or stabbing attack on the residents. He also communicated with his handlers in Gaza and received instructions and weapons from them. He reportedly had a pistol, a knife, and explosives in his possession.

How the Terrorist Was Exposed and Eliminated

The terrorist’s plot was foiled by the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, which had been tracking his movements and activities for several weeks. The Shin Bet alerted the IDF and the police, who set up a joint operation to arrest him. On Monday morning, they located him near the border fence, where he was supposed to meet with his accomplices from Gaza. When they approached him, he opened fire at them, but was shot and killed by the security forces. No Israeli casualties were reported.

The Shin Bet said that the terrorist’s plan was to carry out a “major attack” on the kibbutz, and that his elimination prevented a “serious disaster”. The Shin Bet also praised the cooperation between the different security agencies, which led to the successful operation.

How the Kibbutz Reacted to the Shocking News

The kibbutz residents were stunned to learn that their lifeguard was actually a terrorist who wanted to kill them. They said that he seemed friendly and normal, and that they had no suspicion about him. They also expressed their gratitude to the security forces for saving their lives.

One of the residents, who asked not to be named, said: “He was very nice, he smiled all the time, he helped everyone. He didn’t look like a terrorist at all. We are shocked and scared by what happened. We don’t know how he got here, how he fooled us all. We are very thankful to the Shin Bet and the IDF for stopping him before he could hurt us.”

Another resident, who also preferred to remain anonymous, said: “He worked here for two months, he was part of our community. He knew everyone, he knew our names, our children’s names. He knew where we live, where we work, where we go. He could have attacked us at any moment. It’s terrifying to think about it. We are very lucky that he was caught in time.”

The kibbutz management issued a statement saying: “We are shocked and saddened by this incident, which could have ended in tragedy. We thank the security forces for their professionalism and dedication in preventing this attack. We trust them to continue to protect us and all the citizens of Israel from any threat.”

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