Kawasaki’s Hybrid Electric Motorcycles: A Game-Changer for the Industry

Kawasaki, one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the world, has recently launched its novel hybrid electric motorcycles, the Ninja 7 Hybrid and the Z7 Hybrid, which are now available for purchase for $12,499. These motorcycles are the world’s first mass-produced strong hybrid models, which combine an internal combustion engine (ICE) and an electric motor for powerful and versatile performance. They offer riders a number of new riding experiences, such as instant acceleration, fuel economy, and button-shift sport riding.

A strong hybrid motorcycle is a type of hybrid vehicle that can run on either electricity alone or a combination of electricity and gasoline. Unlike mild hybrids, which use the electric motor only to assist the ICE, strong hybrids can switch between the two power sources depending on the riding situation. This allows them to achieve higher efficiency, lower emissions, and better performance than conventional motorcycles.

Kawasaki’s Hybrid Electric Motorcycles: A Game-Changer for the Industry
Kawasaki’s Hybrid Electric Motorcycles: A Game-Changer for the Industry

The Ninja 7 Hybrid and the Z7 Hybrid are equipped with a 451cc parallel twin ICE and a compact electric traction motor, which are connected by a 6-speed automated manual transmission. The electric motor is powered by a 48V lithium-ion battery pack, which can be charged by the ICE, regenerative braking, or an external charger. The motorcycles also feature an integrated starter generator (ISG), which combines the functions of the starter motor and the generator.

How Do They Work?

The Ninja 7 Hybrid and the Z7 Hybrid have three drive modes: SPORTHYBRID, ECO-HYBRID, and EV. Each mode offers a distinct riding character and can be selected by the rider using a switch on the left handlebar.

  • SPORTHYBRID mode uses both the ICE and the electric motor to deliver maximum performance and liter-bike-level acceleration. The rider can manually shift gears using buttons on the left handlebar, or let the system automatically shift gears based on the riding conditions. This mode also activates the e-boost function, which provides an extra boost of power from the electric motor when the throttle is fully opened.
  • ECO-HYBRID mode uses both the ICE and the electric motor to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The rider can choose between automatic or manual shifting, and the system will adjust the power output and gear ratio to achieve the best balance between performance and economy. This mode also activates the idling stop function, which automatically shuts off the ICE when the motorcycle is stopped, and restarts it when the throttle is opened.
  • EV mode uses only the electric motor to run on electricity alone, without using any gasoline. This mode is suitable for low-speed, short-distance, and quiet riding, such as in residential areas or parking garages. The rider can control the speed and braking using the throttle and the brake lever, and the system will automatically shift gears to match the speed. This mode also activates the walk mode function, which allows the rider to move the motorcycle forward or backward at walking speed using buttons on the left handlebar.

What are the Benefits?

The Ninja 7 Hybrid and the Z7 Hybrid offer a number of benefits for the riders and the environment, such as:

  • Enhanced performance: The hybrid power unit provides strong low- to mid-range torque, which improves the acceleration, responsiveness, and stability of the motorcycles. The e-boost function adds an extra burst of power when needed, giving the riders a thrilling riding experience.
  • Improved efficiency: The hybrid power unit reduces the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions of the motorcycles, compared to conventional models. The regenerative braking system recovers the kinetic energy of deceleration and converts it into electricity, which extends the battery life and the cruising range. The idling stop function saves fuel and reduces noise and pollution when the motorcycle is stopped.
  • Increased versatility: The three drive modes allow the riders to adapt to different riding situations and preferences, from sporty to eco-friendly, from automatic to manual, from gasoline to electric. The riders can also enjoy the benefits of both ICE and electric power, such as the instant start, the smooth operation, and the low maintenance of the electric motor, and the long range, the familiar sound, and the easy refueling of the ICE.
  • Futuristic design: The hybrid power unit is integrated into a sleek and sporty chassis, which blends the Z and Ninja styling with a hybrid’s clean and high-class image. The motorcycles also feature a TFT full-color instrumentation with smartphone connectivity, an all-LED lighting system, and a futuristic hybrid sound.

How to Buy Them?

The Ninja 7 Hybrid and the Z7 Hybrid are now available for purchase for $12,499, which is a competitive price for such innovative and advanced motorcycles. They can be ordered online or through authorized Kawasaki dealers, and they come with a two-year warranty and a roadside assistance service. The motorcycles are also eligible for various incentives and tax credits, depending on the country and the state of residence.

The Ninja 7 Hybrid and the Z7 Hybrid are expected to be in high demand, as they are the first of their kind in the market and offer a game-changing riding experience. Kawasaki has also announced that it will launch more electric and hybrid models in the future, as part of its vision to become a carbon-neutral company by 2035. Kawasaki is leading the way in the motorcycle industry, by creating products that are not only fun and exciting, but also sustainable and responsible.

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